Anime fan? Then you can’t miss these video games, which are the ones that best adapt the works of the sector

The video game and anime industry has been an industry that’s been shaking hands for decades, and that’s especially noticeable if we go back to classics like dragonball They have been the most popular entertainment in the world for many years. Therefore, it is really possible to list with what many consider pieces of video games responsible for bringing the world of anime closer to our consoles.

So I leave you with a list that I created based on reviews collected on platforms such as Metacritic or Opencritic but, ultimately, above all based on the taste and vision of here a server (The list has no specific order, I’m just in charge of collecting really TOP video games).

Dragon Ball Fighter Z

To say that Dragon Ball FighterZ is one of the best anime-based video games ever made is a no-brainer at this point. For years, the work of Arc System Works was a benchmark straight out of the entire fighting game landscape, granting the best combat system a Dragon Ball video game has ever seen and at the same time offering an original story and a series of truly spectacular combat cutscenes.

  • Release date: January 13, 2018.
  • Platforms: PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC.
  • Metacritic score: 87.


Dragon Ball Fighter Z

  • Minimum price offered by this seller in the 30 days before the offer: €37.11

JUMP ultimate stars

The definitive version of what was to be a much newer JUMP Force. JUMP Ultimate Starts is a video game that celebrates the JUMP manga and anime franchises in style. The title has 305 characters, 56 of which are controllable, spread across 41 different manga and anime franchises. It is, for all intents and purposes, the game that has been most responsible for collecting characters from universes like Dragon Ball, One Piece, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and more in a unified way.

  • Release date: November 23, 2006 (Japan only).
  • Platforms: Nintendo DS.
  • Note to Metacritic: Not registered.

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

CyberConnect2 has done a great service to Naruto fans by creating what is called Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. Because yes, the Naruto franchise had already counted on the TOP of video games, but this opus brought together absolutely everything needed from the franchise to the Shippuden saga, including the latest villains from the same. With a combat system allowing the creation of teams of all kinds and natures, the ninja experience reached its peak in this episode of the IP.

One Piece Pirate Warriors 4

Among Dragon Ball, One Piece and Naruto, the Monkey D. Luffy franchise is surely the one that has had the hardest time finding video games to match. However, One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 saved the essence of the franchise wonderfully. How many times have you seen him take down dozens of Marines with his hard-hitting gatling? That is precisely what this video game has done with the help of Omega Strength, adapt this concept of Musou for which you had to defeat hundreds of enemies controlling One Piece characters in order to overcome the levels.

  • Release date: March 27, 2020.
  • Platforms: PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC.
  • Metacritical score: 75.

attack on titan 2

I remember buying this video game without having them all with me and being completely thrilled. Because? Firstly because he has something that I like, which is that lets you create a character to enter the story of Shingeki no Kyojin and experience all of its events as if you were a member of the Corps of Explorers. But as if this form of storytelling wasn’t TOP enough already, it turns out that the combat system is absolutely delicious. Moving around with the team and tearing apart the Titans is an incredible feeling, and it says a lot about the work Omega Force has done here.

Attack on Titan 2, PS4

Attack on Titan 2, PS4

  • AOT 2 allows players to enter…
  • Players will be able to create their own…

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is a completely different modern version of Dragon Ball FighterZ, also by a different development studio (in this case CyberConnect2). In this case, we have a video game that while obviously still focused on fighting Goku and company, what it does is tell the original story of Dragon Ball Z in a way as faithful as we’ve never seen before. Not only that, but it also has a series of DLCs to complement the storylines that undoubtedly make it the perfect video game to explore Son Goku’s adult scene in the best possible way.

  • Release date: January 17, 2020.
  • Platforms: PC, PS5, PS4, Stadia, Xbox One, Xbox Series.
  • Metacritical score: 73.

Kimetsu no Yaiba: The Hinokami Chronicles

Kimetsu no Yaiba: The Hinokami Chronicles was the first bath of Koyoharu Gotouge’s work in the video game industry, and the truth is that it happened successfully. Even if it was once again the formula of the fighting game taking over the story of the anime, in CyberConnect2 they did a great job with both the combat system and the game cutscenes. At first contact, the study hit the mark here, in addition to the fact that the difference in mechanics between demons and exterminators gave online clashes an additional attraction.

  • Release date: October 13, 2021.
  • Platforms: PS4, PC, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch.
  • Metacritical score: 74.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Yes, I know more than one will think ‘the third Dragon Ball video game on the list and besides it’s not even a Budokai Tenkaichi‘, and yes, I know those were pretty good, but for a proper fighting game, Dragon Ball FighterZ is already there. Why does Xenoverse 2 seem to me a TOP title in the Dragon Ball video game universe? Well because I like it allows you to create your own character from one of the main races of Dragon Ball, and also equip yourself with the transformations and special techniques that you want. All this also through an original story that mixes all kinds of sagas and time travel. Come on, how unique in terms of Dragon Ball video games.

  • Release date: October 25, 2016.
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, PC, Stadia, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.
  • Metacritical score: 72.


Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is a spectacular and unique franchise in the anime industry, in which the shonen brand is given a truly special touch. The poses, the drawings, the use of colors… its creator, Hirohiko Araki, has put his finger on absolutely everything, as well as CyberConnect2 did the same with JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R. This video game assumes the definitive console experience to date, featuring up to 50 playable characters from all parts of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure as well as multiple gameplay and audio improvements over the original video game released in 2012.

  • Release date: September 2, 2022.
  • Platforms: PS5, PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch.
  • Metacritical score: 73.

Captain Tsubasa: The Rise of New Champions

If you grew up watching Oliver and Benji back in the day, then Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions is a video game you need to try. This title allows you create your own footballer in the universe of Oliver and Benji, befriend some of the most iconic characters and learn their playing techniques. While the gameplay in general is a little arcade crazy, the truth is that the anime’s cinematic moments are present, and you can see them in action whenever a special ability is activated. A video game more of a show and hang out than anything else, but still fun.

If anyone wonders where are the Digimon, Pokémon or Inazuma Eleven video games, keep in mind that these franchises were created directly as multimedia products. That is to say, the idea was always to set up IPs that would grow into anime, video games, and other formats. What I’ve listed are purely franchises that started out as anime/manga and got so crazy they ended up seeing their own video games announced, and I honestly think you have a really cool selection.

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