Lali Esposito shared a a voice message sent by Britney Spears, the American singer known as the princess of pop. “I needed you to know that I love your song Obsession,’ we hear ourselves say to the interpreter of “Baby one more time” in reference to one of the songs that his Argentinian colleague released on her new and fifth solo album “Forget(2023).

In a video posted on an Instagram story, one of Lali’s friends is seen covering her face with the face from the album Glory” (2016) by Spears, impersonating her, and in this context, a voice message from the American star herself is broadcast.

“Hello, I’m Britney Spears. I needed you to know that I love your song ‘Obsession’ and the tribute you pay to my song Mad,” she says at the beginning of the audio, about the fragment of her song that the Argentinian artist included in her work.

Then, she congratulates her on the recent album:you did an amazing job. I continued to thrill him with your new album. i love you my sweet”. At the end of the video, we hear Lali answer: “i love you too britney”.

Lali Esposito’s new album

Forget which comes from the closure of success Disciplinary circuit with whom she became the first woman to sell a stadium, Velez released her fifth album, which she named “Lali”, on April 13, a work that has 13 songs, 7 of which were already released.

The new themes were:Obsession”, “EAST”, “Unconditional”, “NOW”, “Like you”, “sola” and “Who are they“, the latter bearing the name of a phrase that immortalized Moriah Casanwhom he also sought to honor at work.

The first song to be released was “Discipline“, published in January 2022, which in the artist’s own words “is the queen” from the album. Then followed the release of “Diva” during this same month and that of “Like you” in February.

The fourth single was “N5”, which entered the top 10 weekly hits of the Billboard Argentina Hot 100, released in June of last year. Shortly after, in August, she arrived with “2 sons 3», and in November with «Motiveishon”. A few days before the show in Vélez, on February 28, she released “Compress a brishito”.

Thus, with “Lali” (2023), the singer continues the solo tour started with “To dance” (2014), “Soy” (2016), “Cheer” (2018) and “Balance(2020). “This new album closes a stage in my life. I am 31 years old and this work will close this path traveled until today, and give this arc to this character that has come this far,” she said of the album.

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