After saying it all through the media, the faces were seen again. The main referents of the PRO met in a house in San Isidro to try to reconcile the positions and prevent the escalation of the detainees from continuing. The former president was Mauricio Macrithe former governor Marie Eugenie Vidal (who did not raise any pledge on his candidacy), the pre-candidate Patricia Bullrich and the Head of Government of CABA, Horace Rodriguez Larreta. On the Buenos Aires and Buenos Aires nominations, there were no definitions and the most critical moment was due to the incorporation of José Luis Espert Together for change. After acrimonious discussions, they set up a commission to meet with Espert and discuss the terms of their incorporation.

Neither Macri repeated that he was disappointed, nor Vidal alluded to Larreta’s ambitions that go beyond space values, nor Bullrich called him contradictory and a liar. Everything that has been said in recent weeks was not part of the PRO meeting in the house of Jorge Triaca in San Isidro. Actually, an effort was made to avoid discussion of the simultaneous elections in Buenos Aires and PRO applications in the City (beyond a joke about candidate overcrowding). It was a question that had no solution, despite the fact that many argued that the PRO candidates of CABA and the province of Buenos Aires should move towards unification. Nothing was defined in this sense. The subject has been little discussed.

In fact, there were several candidates: in addition to Larreta, Bullrich, Vidal and Macri, they were present Diego Santilli (with a swipe to the eye from an accident in the gym that nearly cost him his sight on that side) and Christian Ritondo, that is to say the two main candidates for the post of governor of Buenos Aires. Also present were the former secretary general of the presidency Fernando de Andreis and the president of the PRO, Federico Angelini. Everyone took a photo at the end of the meeting to give a sign of unity.


As Borges would say, what unites them is not love but fear: and more precisely, I’m scaring Javier Milei. There are space measures that record how the discontent (and the corresponding votes) due to the anger against the current government reaped the leader of Libertad Avanza. In other words, despite bullfights and inflation, JxC is not progressing in the polls. And it should grow.

That’s why it’s become so central to add leaders who rival the far-right vote, like Espert, who just split from Milei. Espert’s arrival was welcomed by all the other JxC sectors: UCR, CC and Miguel Angel Pichetto welcomed him. But not the PRO. Party chairman Angelini put the handbrake on and said they should first have a meeting to discuss it, as there were different opinions.

Specifically, the one who opposed it was Bullrich. Noticed, from Larretism they came out to support the incorporation of Espert as a way to add pressure to what the allies had already exerted. First is Santilli, who recalled that since 2021 he has been trying to add Espert to the space. It was then Larreta who spoke out in favor of his incorporation.

They took the same position at the conclave: they said they needed liberals in PASO to stop the vote hemorrhage from the right. Bullrich must have reluctantly agreed, but he holds back a strong suspicion: that Larreta is bringing him to Espert to harm him. Specifically, what Bullrich imagines is that Espert will not be running for governor of Buenos Aires, as originally assumed.but it will be added to the presidential PASO. And that could deprive him of votes in the competition with Larreta.

Bullrich just convinced Ricardo López Murphy to drop out of the presidential contest and present himself as a candidate for the head of the government of Buenos Aires. The goal was for López Murphy not to subtract votes from the Nationals. But Larreta argues that just as there is an expression of liberalism within JxC in Buenos Aires, they should replicate it elsewhere.

The solution they found was to set up a delegation which will meet with Espert to ask him to explain his intentions and discuss the conditions of their incorporation. So the PRO who was the first space to want to join Espert will end up being the one with the most requirements. Unlike 2021, where those who put “buts” were the radicals and Elisa Carrion.

Surprise Vidal

Vidal, meanwhile, said nothing what he will do with his candidacy for the presidency, whether he launches it or drops it. Many expected her to start explaining clearly what she was planning to do, but the former governor continues to play mystery. With the little success she had, the leader did not go back on her proposal to lower all candidacies, but she expressed her concern to be a kind of mirror of the ruling party: a space immersed in the interior. And may it benefit Milei even more. As we can see, the candidate of Libertad Avanza has been highly mentioned.

Almost no one wanted to make a statement after the meeting. “We were analyzing the situation in the country, what all Argentines are suffering fromthat was the main theme of the meeting,” Angelini said.

“Together like 20 years ago when we started with the dream of changing Argentina forever,” Larreta later wrote of the photo. Another who spoke about the photo was Jorge Macri, who said about internal struggles: “Today, the one who has the right to be angry is the citizen. “I still have the value that they are all together in this photo. I think it’s good that we can convey that there are areas where we meet, we talk to each other”, he commented. was the photo.

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