HBO Max is a platform that usually doesn’t play for weeks full of premieres, but this is an exception: from April 24 to 30, 2023, 4 series are released, among which we find very juicy novelties (headless chickens there love death) and expected returns (this season 2 of From!), but also small media surprises (Mrs Davis). Want to know more about these 4 outings?

Ms. Davis – April 25, 2023

Series mixing science fiction and fantasy which, although it’s not from HBO Max as such (in the US it was released via Peacock), In Spain we will see it from Tuesday, April 25, 2023 on this platform streaming. A nun named Simone won’t stop until she destroys the artificial intelligence before it causes the world to collapse. Hilarious series with a curious proposal.

Mrs. Davis is a Peacock series that will only be seen in Spain via HBO Max

Love & Death – April 27, 2023

Elizabeth Olsen stars in this true-to-life drama set in the ’80s that arrives to divided reviews; IndieWire criticism that it is a mini-series already seen on other occasions, while Collider praises that although he has told this story a thousand times, “he does not want to leave his audience comfortably ensconced in his conclusion”.

Headless Chickens – April 28, 2023

Spanish fiction continues to be a very important part of the tactics of HBO Max in our country, although in the rest of Europe it has got rid of it. Headless Chickens is a comedy about a former football player and current players manager who everyone calls ‘Be at‘, which has just opened its own agenda. Hugo Silva, Dafne Fernandez, Oscar Casas oh Kira Miro are some of its protagonists.

From Season 2 – April 28, 2023

The first season of From gave us a macabre and mysterious story, set in a town from which there is no escape and surrounded by evil creatures that come out when the sun goes down. Its second season returns just as solid as the first, with a frenetic pace and even more shocking puzzles..

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