Do you think it’s already impossible to watch free movies online? Sorry to say, but you are completely wrong. To see good cinema at home, it is not essential to have a subscription to one of the multiple streaming platforms that exist today, and I’ve collected 8 clear examples of applications that will save your weekend from boredom.

Rakuten TV

Yes OK Rakuten TV has a paid version (and you can rent movies like on any other VOD platform), it has a section of free movies online in which you will not only find cinema: also documentaries and series for the little ones in the house.

Movies available include 2067, The Soldier of God, Brothers, Encounters in the Dark oh thirst for revenge.

Rakuten TV, free and paid films mix in its catalog


Maybe Complex have little content in Spanish, but if English is not a problem for you, this platform of streaming allows you to watch current movies and great classics for free. Among the feature films found in its free catalogue, Trovadores, Silent Witness, The Carrier oh dark crimes.

Plex has a lot of English content, but it’s worth it

Spanish Cinematheque (Vimeo)

Are you a fan of classic Spanish cinema? Then you must subscribe now to Spanish Cinemathequea Vimeo channel with more than 200 videos including documentaries, old reports and films from the 60s and 70s.

Pluto TV

For me, Pluto TV has been the big surprise of recent years. A platform with more than 100 free TV channels, all original, and with dozens of free movies online that you can watch legally. comedy, horror, action, science fiction… There are genres for all tastes, and although there is advertising even in the VOD section, it is not a problem when you pay next to nothing.


The alternative to Pluto TV is called Tivify, even if its channels come directly from DTT. The advantage is that you can save movies broadcast on television, and watch them whenever you want thanks to its recording service. Oh! And in the free version, you won’t find any ads.


This is not the first time you will find a free movie online in Youtubeand that is that on some occasions users violate copyright by uploading prohibited content, and on other times they are films whose content is in the public domain. A good example is the Cine español clásico channel, with over 1,440 videos available.

classic spanish cinema
Classic Spanish cinema available for free on YouTube


Little by little, the streaming platform of RTVE becomes one of my favorites to watch movies: you have a section dedicated to movies (many of which are Spanish) where you will find feature films like Wednesdays don’t exist, pain and glory oh you won’t kill. Also slices of legendary franchises such as Ramboand great classics at the level of Million dollar baby.

RTVE Play has a huge amount of free movies online


A very little known site, although with a good selection of classic and current cinema, both from Spain and the rest of the world. For example, Cosmoball, The Legacy of Lies oh Infamous are films available on this platform, all from 2020 and accessible thanks to an agreement with from the movie. Now you need to create a free account to be able to donate the play.

Filmo películas gratis
Filmon, new free movies every day

A movie

Thanks to Filmon, you will be able to access more than 600 live TV channels without cuts as if you were in the country of origin. It’s the most comfortable way to watch UK or US TV, and also, on this platform there are free movies for all types of users.


Although the vast majority of the catalog of Cruncyroll It is chargeable (from 4.99 euros per month or 64.99 euros per year if you wish to be Mega fans), there are free anime movies to watch if you know how to find them. Of course, they are not in a special category, but we are talking about movies as For whom the alchemist exists, Hakubo oh Straitjacket. The selection is changing.

RLAXX Movies
RLAXX Movies offers interesting and exclusive movies


RLAXX TV is a totally free streaming platform that allows you to watch TV flexibly. Its use in Spain is not yet as widespread as outside our borders, but with its channel RLAXX Moviesyou will be able to enjoy some interesting feature films such as Dream of Lu, harpoon, hunting season oh The chair game.

etc  as much as you want
EITB Nahieran has almost all of its films dubbed into Spanish

EITB at will

In the Basque Regional TV app you will also find movies, some authentic masterpieces, and many of them dubbed into Spanish. In addition, you will have direct access to all the channels of the television group (EITB there EITB 2) and its most successful contents, such as The conqueror of the end of the world.


Runtime is a free streaming platform with a catalog of over 5,000 titles which is increasing every day. To take advantage of the great Runtime offer, all you have to do is register. After that, you can watch live broadcasts or choose the content you prefer on the platform. Also you can create your own playlist with your favorite titles and let the platform recommend others.

free runtime movie pages
Runtime is a free platform with a large catalog

artistic television

As the name suggests, Arte TV is a streaming platform with mainly cultural content. Among the offer of this service we can find a wide variety of reports, documentaries, web series and concert recordings and live shows. In addition, Arte TV is available in 6 different languages, including French, German, Spanish, English… In case, in addition to learning, you also want to practice other languages.

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