Fatum is one of the most outstanding releases of the week, a thriller starring Luis Tosar and Álex García

The heat is pressing and many prefer to be in the street (and if you have a swimming pool in the middle of April, soak) rather than going to a room full of people to watch a film. But the 12 film premieres that arrive in Spain on Friday, April 28, 2023 They are attractive enough to grab your attention. if you like it whodunnitdrama or comedy, this week you have proposals for all tastes on the poster. And what are the 4 best premieres of this Friday?


better before watching Fate is not to read absolutely anything from its synopsis, not because it contains spoilers, but because it’s a movie best enjoyed without expectations. Halfway between the whodunnit and the most moving drama, Álex García and Luis Tosar fight in an interpretive duel in which both are victorious. You’ll leave the room crying, I promise.

handsome is scared

The first reviews of this film Ari Aster (Midsommar, Hereditary) They are not positive at all, but his cinema is always extreme. Joaquin Phoenix stars of this terrifying dramatic comedy in which he brings to life beautifula man who will have to face his fears and his paranoia as he embarks on an epic odyssey to reach the house of his controlling mother.

Good manners

Another Spanish premiere this week is Los buenos modales, a film funded by Cinema Atresmedia there Movistar+ which in another era would have succeeded in theaters, but of which we know absolutely nothing. A dramatic comedy with Elena Irureta, Gloria Munoz, Carmen Flores there Anorte paper it’s promising, but I don’t know if it will be the star of a massive theatrical release or a more sober one…

After a family secret, Manuela there Rosario They are two sisters who do not speak to each other, but meet unexpectedly on their grandchildren’s birthday. They met through their inseparable caregivers, friends and neighbors. When they discover the secret that separates the little ones, the indiscreet workers will try, with clumsiness, love and nonsense, to reconcile the family.

Good manners, a Spanish comedy that will surprise you


If you like violent cinema, Sisu is an action-packed western full of excessive violence, set in the final days of World War II.. swept into the Siges Festival 2022 and was part of the original section (Midnight Madness) of the toronto festival.

sisu movie premieres
Excessive violence in this Finnish premiere which arrives on April 28, 2023

Other theatrical releases

  • Importunate.
  • Someone to take care of me.
  • Ashes in the sky (A cel de lead).
  • Diet 75.
  • The impatience of the heart.
  • Mavka: Guardian of the forest.
  • Matter of rhythm.
  • Case.

Polar, drama and comedy among the most notable cinematic releases of the week. This week, in Zonejugonesyou will have the criticism of Fate and an exclusive interview with its director and main protagonists.

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