Kipp Miami, Miami Dade County teacher faces charges of aggravated child abuse, bodily harm and torture of a minor

The victim is a 12-year-old student and her alleged attacker is also the dean of the school.

According to the report, on Monday, April 10, 2023, the accused tried to stop the victim from playing tag with other students, and grabbed the victim by both arms and threw her violently, causing the victim to fall on his left arm.

The miner was taken to Jackson Hospital where the arm was found to be fractured.

Later that day, the accused admitted what had happened, was charged and transferred to Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Institution.

The accused was sentenced to $10,000 bond.

School authorities said in a statement:

“As a result of the incident, the employee involved was terminated from the facility and is no longer employed by Kipp Miami. We continue to be in contact with the student’s family and are working to support them by this moment.”

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