Guillermo Bárcenas and Antón Carreño dominated the scenarios with stool. Since they launched Tres tequilas in 2015 with songs like Caminito a motel or Amos del piano bar, it has been a hit. And is that nearly a decade making music goes a long way. The two musicians have released up to six albums. WhatThe last? slaughterhouse 5 in 2022. And what does that mean? Well, now is the time to go on tour.

And on this new tour, the guys from Taburete have a very special date: the WiZink Center in Madrid on Friday April 21. The famous hall of the capital will welcome them for the fourth time in their career. Despite this, the nerves are still present. At least that’s what they told us.

To tell us how they live this scene and the preparations for this concert, Antón and Guillermo gave us an interview with LOS40.

Question (Q): This is the fourth time you have come to this room, you are a bit losing your nerves, aren’t you?

Guillermo: I think there are fewer than in 2017. When we did this WiZiknk, it was a complete surprise. We had no hope. We took the track out and in the end we did it all. It’s true that we were a little nervous. Those were the early years and we didn’t have the consistency that we have now. At least I’m calmer. Maybe the day before the concert I get nervous. But much calmer than at this time in 2017.

Anthony: I wear it the same. We are much more sure of everything: from how we play to experience. We will approach it in a different way. It will no longer be that surge of nerves and madness of that year. We will know how to take advantage of the scene and be aware of everything that is going to happen.

Q: Before going on stage, do you have any rituals to get rid of your nerves?

Guillermo: You have to drink little. It is important. Because the excitement of the day makes you excited because of your nerves and you need to be calm. You have to dose. Not having a very long dressing room. You must be focused. There will be songs that we are going to play for the first time this Friday. There will be time for despendole later. I would tell you that the meadow is one of the quietest.

Q: And the position?

Guillermo: The post is going to be a party that we are going to finish the next day. It should be celebrated.

Q: It’s WiZink, a special date, will there be any special guests? An Omar Montes suddenly?

Anthony: Omar we can already say that he can’t because he has a concert. It was difficult to reconcile. But four guests arrive who will surprise.

Q: From your last album, the song that surprised me the most is that of Camarón with Omar Montes and La Húngara. How was working with them?

Guillermo: The truth is that checking in with Omar was very easy. The truth is that all the collaborations on this album were very simple. Omar and José Merce and Miguel Campello liked the first time and wanted to do it. From there, everything was very simple.

Anthony: With Omar, the most difficult thing was to balance the dates to see when we would release the song. Because he puts all the other songs to music. We had to see when we got it out.

Q: You also bet on La Húngara.

Guillermo: Yes, she’s a friend of Omar and she proposed to us. We really liked how it ended up in the song and it stayed there: the trio of skulls.

Q: In 2022, if I’m not mistaken, you gave 77 concerts. Was there a more special date? Isn’t it difficult to lead a normal life with this rhythm of life?

Anthony: From June to September we did the same fifty. It was daily trips, locker rooms, soundchecks… but it’s very good. I like what I do more than being in an office. It’s not comparable to other types of jobs, so we can’t complain. It’s always hard, after leaving the stage with that adrenaline rush, to say no to going out for a drink. But then comes the slowdown.

Guillermo: You have a little trouble with your voice. You are afraid that one day you will wake up and not feel well. If you sleep and rest, there is a voice. We learned on this tour that you can’t go to a party and then sing.

Q: Which of these 77 dates do you prefer?

Guillermo: To say one that is not typical. There’s a concert we’ve been doing for two years that I really enjoyed. This is Punta Umbria. There is a site called Live. Is good. A very fun and close environment. It’s one of my favorites.

Anthony: I really liked the concert music festival in Chiclana. It’s a very cool concert series. The one from Menorca was very cool too. The Naútico de San Vicente is also one of our favourites. Last year we jammed and stuff.

about his career

Q: You started eight years ago, what would you say to those who thought you wouldn’t go beyond Sirenas?

Guillermo: I think a lot of people are annoyed that we’re still doing well. But here we are. What we have achieved has not been given to us by anyone. We fought against a lot of things and finally we made music our life. Haters continue to exist because there must be, but they can no longer underestimate what we have achieved. They may say we’re crap, but we’re not going to make it. It’s already in the past.

Anthony: I think there is not much more to say. Here we continue.

Q: Guillermo, a few weeks ago you uploaded an Enrique Iglesias cover of “When I Wasn’t Doing Reggaeton”. What’s wrong with reggaeton?

Guillermo: I have nothing against reggaeton, but it bothers me that it monopolizes everything. If it was another genre, it seems to me a genre that goes well. I dance it and when there’s a song I like, I like it, but everyone has to do reggaeton. Even artists who never managed to survive. But let everyone do what they want. In the case of Enrique Iglesias, it seems to me that they had very good songs. It’s true that with reggaeton he also exploded, but I like a song like Maybe better.

Q: Let’s see if you inspired Rosalía with your cover to sing Enrique’s Hero during her Festival tour

Guillermo: Did you sing it? It’s a subject.

Anthony: It’s a subject. I agree with William. It’s true that reggaeton monopolizes everything. If you get into the top 50, eighty percent is reggaeton. It’s something cool and I like it, but it would be better if there was more variety. It seems that now everything must have this basis.

Q: Well, now the dance is starting to catch on. Do you see yourself?

Anthony: I don’t see myself much in this new wave.

Guillermo: I have to study it to answer you.

Q: Finally, do you still go to Dron?

Guillermo: Well not much. Dron already has a son. Parties no longer take place at his house. We sing from time to time in homage to this. But it’s not the same as before.

Anthony: Friday surely comes with the desire to party.

Q: What is your remaining challenge?

Anton: There are two challenges. The first would be to work in Latin America. That we are breaking hard stone. This year we are going to do Miami. And another thing that we have in mind and that we would like, to dream, the Bernabéu.

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