If you have followed the love story that was born between Adara Miller there Gianmarco Onestini In GH VIP 7, you probably know that it ended very badly. Reproaches, on-set attacks and numerous disputes that prevented their relationship from solidifying, breaking up months after their passage reduction time. But Survivors 2023 achieved what no one imagined, a rapprochement between March there Gianmarco of which she still has no record as she continues in Honduras as one of the edition’s favorite contestants.

What Gianmarco de Adara said in Survivors 2023: Honduras Connection

Gianmarco Onestini sat for the first time on the set of Survivors 2023surprising the public because no one expected the ex-boyfriend of Adara Miller come to the program. Ion Aramendipresenter of Honduran connectionwanted to know the names of his favorite competitors and the Italian did not hesitate:

Adara’s attitude is the attitude of a person who is a leader, how the leader exercises his power. It gives a bit of humor (laughs) since they are all a bit grumpy. I am with her, it seems to me that she is having a very good competition. I also like the evolution of Asraf“, assured Gianmarco Onestini. Adara’s ex-boyfriend realizes that the young woman has more than shown that she deserves a place in the final of Survivors 2023 By combining play, with very well solved tests and appointments from which he escapes at the first opportunity.

It is also striking that he mentions Ashrafbecause the boyfriend of A Pantoja became the biggest supporter of March In Survivors 2023. Gianmarco Onestini He is very happy with the duo of competitors who have both formed and does not hesitate to highlight it in a positive way.

Adara in Survivors 2023

During, March follow on Survivors 2023 without knowing what is happening on the set, so no one told him that Gianmarco Onestini, her ex-boyfriend, supports her from Spain. This week, he was spared nominations thanks to the leader necklace (Asraf, Jonan, Diego there Alma are the nominees), but it’s such a shame that someone with the strength of March the whole contest takes place in the arena.

Adara Molinero, one of the big favorites of Survivors 2023

Next Thursday, April 4 at 10 p.m., Telecinco will broadcast a new Survivors 2023 galathere March she will have to fight with all her might to regain the leader’s collar if she does not want to be chosen by her peers.

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