If the purchase of ActivisionBlizzard by Microsoft was a series, we would go for the second season of it. It all started with a first chapter in which the purchase was announced as a final twist that would hook us for the rest of the season, which ended with a hunger for lead that left us all wanting more: the purchase process has been blocked by the CMAthe British commission which interrupted it a few months ago to investigate the acquisition.

Well, days have passed and more details about the consequences of this blockade have appeared. But there is one in particular that caught my attention right now: the fine Xbox will have to pay if it doesn’t take over Activision Blizzard. Then I leave you with all the details about it so you don’t miss anything.

The fine Xbox will have to pay Activision if it doesn’t end up buying it

  • The information comes from a conversation that Bobby Kotick had with CNBC
  • Who is Bobby Kotick? This is the CEO of Activision Blizzard, who has been involved in many controversies that some cases of sexual and labor abuse within the company were discovered months ago (I leave you a picture of it below so you can put a face to it)
  • According to Kotic, Xbox should pay Activision Blizzard a fine if it doesn’t complete the purchase process
  • The fine would be $3 billion.
  • Taking into account that Xbox wanted to buy Activision for 69 billion dollars, the fine represents 4.4% of the total
  • We must also not forget that, if the purchase is not finalized, the money that Xbox would lose would be even greater, since it would leave empty-handed after investing a year in all kinds of resources to make the acquisition happen

What is the current status of the Activision Blizzard purchase?

Right now, the purchase is blocked by the CMA and cannot be carried out. Xbox will appeal to see if it can pull itself out of the quagmire, but it looks like it will cost the company more time and resources than it looked. I will keep you posted on any news that arises in this regard so that I can let you know how things are progressing.

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