Despite the fact that Steam is sometimes not the most secure platform for businesses in terms of protection your future projects of possible leaksI think Valve is very good at treating its user community. I’ve been gaming on PC through their platform for over 8 years and have almost always felt treated well; although it’s also true that there have been times when the company has made a series of moves that I haven’t been able to fully comprehend. And justly This is something that happens to me with the information I want to talk about here.

The thing is, portal companions Gamer on PC They echoed a most unusual event: Valve has banned up to 2,400 Steam accounts in the past few hours for something I don’t fully understand. So much so that it might be some kind of bug, but just in case I’ll tell you what it’s all about so you avoid performing a key action that would be responsible for the bans. Let’s bother

Steam bans 2,400 users for a surreal reason

  • The thing is, all 2,400 accounts performed the same action
  • Everything has to do with a free game called Warlander which uses its own anti-cheat system
  • The thing is a user reviewed the game on Steam in which he explained how to uninstall the anti-cheat system step by stepbecause it looked suspicious that it was active even with the game closed
  • Well, 2,400 people said they found this review helpful
  • The result? All of these accounts were banned or had limitations when accessing Steam

So… How can I avoid the ban?

  • My advice is Do not indicate that a review of a game on Steam that has the following elements is useful to you:
    • Mentions an anti-cheat system in some way
    • It kind of mentions an anti-piracy system
  • I say this because surely these prohibitions were the result of a bug in Steam’s algorithm that you have misinterpreted the intention with which you like these types of reviews

Well, there is information. I’ll be watching for any moves Valve gives in the next few days to let you know what it’s all about.

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