We are going to explain what they are and how you can see the Starlink satellites, a constellation of satellites with which Elon Musk intends to take the Internet to any part of the planet. Possibly on some occasion you can see a constellation of satellites cross the sky and you don’t know what it is, and here we are going to try to solve all your doubts in one place.

We will start by telling you what Starlink is and what its satellites are. Then, we will tell you the method with which you can know when you will be able to see the Starlink satellites , although I warn you that for a year they have lowered the intensity of their brightness, so they are more difficult to see than a while ago.

What are Starlink and its satellites

Starlink is the satellite internet service being developed by Elon Musk’s SpaceX. The company’s idea is to have around 12,000 satellites in orbit , and then you pay a monthly fee to connect from anywhere with the device you have. It is not about competing with fiber or 5G connections, but to gain a foothold among other satellite connection companies for areas without fixed network coverage.

Starlink promises speeds between 50 Mbps and 250 Mbps in its standard service or 150 and 500 Mbps in its most expensive mode, both with a latency of between 20 and 40 milliseconds . The system consists of a kit that you have to install in your home to receive the signal from the satellites, so it is not a network that you are going to be able to connect to from your mobile, but rather for home.

The idea is that the antenna of your connection kit communicates with the Starlink satellites to exchange data, and that is why the company wants to have as many in orbit, so that they cover every corner of the planet. For this communication, the signal will be sent using the propagation of electromagnetic waves through the vacuum.

As indicated on the Starlink website, the kit’s antenna must be placed in an elevated area and/or free of obstacles , such as a tree, a chimney or a utility pole. Any of these obstacles can interfere with the connection and leave you without internet.

As for the price, Starlink has a rate of 99 euros per month , having to buy the connection kit for 639 euros. Therefore, it is not a particularly cheap alternative either, but it can serve you in remote areas where being able to connect is vital.

How to see Starlink satellites

To see the Starlink satellites you first have to know when they are going to pass through your city. To do this, go to the FindStarlink.com website , and write your country and the name of your city . When you start typing the name, you will see the list of cities, and if yours does not appear you can choose the closest one. When you have it, click on the Find Visible Times button

This will take you to a page with a list of dates and times when Starlink satellites will pass over your city. In addition, they will also tell you where to look by telling you where they are going from. For example, in the screenshot you can see that it says From northwest to southeast , which means from northwest to southeast. But the most important thing is that the data is grouped into three lists depending on its visibility . The important one is the list with the blue header, but we are going to tell you what each one means:

  • Timings with good visibility : These are the hours at which there is good visibility of the satellites. These are the hours when, if the sky is clear, you will see them go by without any problem, since they will be very bright. Therefore, the hours that appear in the blue list are always the best.
  • Timings with average visibility : The times at which there is average visibility. If the sky is clear you should be able to see the satellites most of the time, although you will have to look closely because they are not as bright. It is recommended to go to the blue list, but these hours on the yellow list may also be of use to you.
  • Timings with poor visibility : The hours of poor visibility. The satellites will pass, but it will not be easy to see them in the sky. It would be advisable here not to waste much time with these hours, unless it is the only day you have free.

Therefore, it is recommended to look at the sky at the times and days in the Timings with good visibility list , since on those days the satellites will be seen very clearly in the sky. Remember that the website also tells you in English the trajectory that they are going to have and even the elevation, although on days with good visibility you should not have any problems. Remember that you have to look at the sky in places with little light pollution , areas where there are no lights around and you can see the stars.

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