When her firstborn was born, a little over two years ago, Ashley Graham wanted to show her stretch marks to naturalize postpartum . Now what she wants is to normalize “ALL bodies in each and every stage of life.”

In two years, two births and the same body that has been changing. That is, basically, the lesson that Ashley Graham wanted to teach with her latest Instagram post. A video in which the model is seen walking in front of the camera in her underwear, emphasizing her curves . With grace, elegance and, above all, naturalness.

On January 7, she gave the news of the birth of her two twins, Malachi and Roman. With them, the family formed by Ashley Graham together with the film director Justin Ervin became numerous, since just two years before they had welcomed their firstborn Isaac. So, in 2020, the model and presenter made a public demonstration of body acceptance, teaching everything that pregnancy and postpartum entails. Lactation, stretch marks and changes in the body that not everyone is willing to show.


Her career as a curvy model made it easy for her to raise the flag of body positive , a movement that was born to recognize body diversity that for years has annulled the normative beauty model. She has never abandoned the cause, so it is not surprising that her last post is accompanied by a declaration of intent for those who have not grasped the meaning of the video: “This is my strong body, five months postpartum and two years pregnant, as it is, in hopes of normalizing ALL bodies at each and every stage of life.”

Ashley Graham knows that the most sensible thing to do to get the message across is to set an example, that’s why she uses her body. But beyond instructing society, although it is necessary, what she intends is to lighten the burden and the stigma of other mothers concerned about the changes in their bodies. “We post this video for all the moms who haven’t recovered and may never recover and for anyone who needs to be reminded that her body is beautiful in its truest form ,” the celebrity posted on Instagram. With her smile and her attitude, Ashley asks mothers to try to put aside that criterion entrenched in regulations and focus on themselves, because it is the path of liberation that leads to happiness. At least, in the purely aesthetic sense.

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