NEW JERSEY – Authorities are investigating a double homicide in New Jersey that killed a 9-year-old girl and her mother, the Union County District Attorney’s Office and family members of the victims have confirmed.

Prosecutors declined to provide further details about the two people found dead at Roselle’s home a day ago.

Atasha Scott, sister of the owner of the house, identified them as his wife and daughter. She claims the girl’s uncle, the owner’s brother, who was ordered out of the house, killed his niece and sister-in-law with an ax in the garage, and the owner found them. both dead when he returned from work on Wednesday. .

According to Scott, the landlord found the ax hidden among the mattresses, saw bloody sheets, and called the police. The uncle, meanwhile, is said to have taken the deceased woman’s BMW, which he had just bought a week ago.

A law enforcement source claims the BMW was found in Maryland and the uncle was arrested for vehicle theft. No other details were immediately available.

Telemundo 47 helicopter captured footage of the scene with a police presence at the private residence, with about half a dozen cars lined up on the block and a black pickup truck parked in the driveway. Yellow caution tape cordoned off the expansive lawn as investigators chatted on the street.

Prosecutors were expected to release additional information about the case later Thursday.

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