Today, during the Division Day livestream commemorating the franchise’s seventh anniversary, Ubisoft revealed more details about three games from the Tom Clancy’s The Division® universe: The Division® 2, The Division® Heartland there The Division® Resurgence. Ubisoft also shared details of new projects underway that will provide the community with new stories and experiences inspired by the world of The Division.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: Year 5

Year 5 will start in June, but players can already try out a new mode, Descent, by participating in the public PC test server which will be available tomorrow, April 21. Additionally, the Leon Kennedy RPD outfit from the Resident Evil saga will be available to players who log in from April 25 through May 9. The full list of content for each season of Year 5 includes:

  • Season 1: Broken Wings (June): this new season revisits the Hunts and introduces Descent, a new style of game mode roguelite which will be available for free to all players of The Division 2 at the launch of Year 5. Players will also be able to see the multi-season stretch of Castle Settlement continue to rebuild, bringing the devastated area back to life with a new purpose. Additionally, as part of the Premium Season 1 Pass, players will be able to unlock parts of a Splinter Cell themed outfit, for Fifth Freedom to help them navigate New York and Washington DC.
  • Season 2: Puppeteers: a challenging new raid will take agents deep into Meret’s domain to face off against the cleaners once again.
  • Season 3: Vanguard: the agents will return to New York for the holidays and learn more about Aaron Keener and his robbers.
  • Season 4: Negro Diamante: this new DLC story will add new areas, new main quests and a whole new structure end of Game.

Each season will continue to add new hunts, leagues, and events. Players will need to own the Warlords of New York expansion to access all new content (except Drop Mode, which will be available to anyone who owns The Division 2).

First look at Tom Clancy’s The Division® Heartland gameplay; register now for the next tests

Heartland takes players to Silver Creek, once a peaceful Midwestern town left in ruins by the arrival of the Dollar Rush virus. Silver Creek is a harsh place, plagued by deadly pollution, hordes of hidden enemies, and the ever-present threat of disease and dehydration. In The heart of the division, and for the first time in the franchise, the Silver Creek base of operations will be a shared space. Players will be able to gather at Rockit Rink, an abandoned ice rink, to socialize, form parties, customize their characters, and prepare for the next Operation.

Each session begins and ends at the base of operations, and each time players leave they will bring back the materials and equipment they have gathered, which will help them prepare for the days ahead. Players will need to use the base of operations to craft supplies and pack their bag before spending the day in town. Before each session, they can choose between three classes: Weapon Expert, Medic and Survivor. Each class offers a special ability, and if players team up, they’ll shine brighter by complementing each other. By venturing into the city during the day, players will be able to loot resources and prepare to survive the night; when it falls, Silver Creek becomes much more unstable, and the PvEvP gameplay requires players to think things through and work as a team to survive and come back with all their loot.

The team works with a trial and error approach in the development of this game, running continuous testing phases and asking feedback players before moving on to the next phase. Anyone who wishes can register for future closed tests at; those who are invited to participate will also receive five invitations that they can share with their friends.

Pre-register now for the Resurgence Trials this summer

The next phase of testing The resurgence of division it will start this summer in some areas. For the first time, people using iOS devices will be able to enjoy the title, as will those using Android devices, in these locations.

Pre-register now for the chance to participate in future testing and follow updates on this summer’s testing phase at

Inspired by The Division universe

The Division Day stream also featured ongoing projects that will connect fans with new stories and experiences inspired by the world of The Division:

  • Later that year, collectible figurines of Caleb Dunne and Brian Johnson, agents who were part of the original commercial for The Division 2.
  • Next year there will be a new webtoons which will follow the journey of a character from Houston, Texas, as his watch lights up with the characteristic orange glow of the Dollar Fever virus. On his journey, he will make unexpected allies and discover new factions far from the east coast.

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