NEW YORK — For weeks, public intrigue swirled over whether the Manhattan jury would indict Donald Trump, even though the charges were still sealed. Interest now turns to how Donald Trump will be impeached for his criminal impeachment scheduled for Tuesday.

Discussions of the plans continued into Monday given the unprecedented nature of the logistics: Trump is the first former US president, sitting or former, to face criminal charges. His Secret Service detail has stayed with him since he left office, and that profile’s security has never had to bring anyone to trial for a jury indictment.

The mugshot issue is still pending. Here’s what we know so far, according to a source with direct knowledge of Monday’s meeting between the Secret Service, law enforcement officials and the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office:

Will Trump be arrested? The former president is expected to report to the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, at which time a member of that office will notify him that he is under arrest as per the indictment.

How will it be treated? Trump will be arraigned at 100 Center Street, Manhattan Criminal Court. They will take your fingerprints there, the source told our sister channel BNC News. DNA will not be collected. A potential mugshot is still up in the air. Sources said it was feared he could flee.

When will we know the fees? Usually an indictment is opened after the judge takes the bench and calls the case.

And after? The former president will be escorted to a room on the 15th floor, he will not be handcuffed, nor held in a detention cell. The media will keep their distance. The indictment should be brief. Trump is then due to return to Florida, where he is expected to deliver a public address Tuesday night from Mar-a-Lago.

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