Of course a lot of crazy things are done for love, but there are some things we do at a time when we are very happy, we want to have that person with us for life in our skin and we forget that tattoos are forever

During the seven and a half years that the relationship lasted Risto Mejide and Laura Escanesthe influencer has made several creations in honor of her husband, including three: Au bras, elle porte the word ‘mine’, the title of the article that the publicist dedicated to her where he said very nice things about her. Another of them is related to their love story, it’s about the coordinates of a specific point of the port of Ciutadella in Mallorca, the place where they have always spent their holidays. And finally, one of the most special and at the same time questioned by the region where it is located is publicist’s signature that Laura decided to get a tattoo on her ass.

Laura Escanes removes a Risto tattoo / Instagram @lauraescanes and @hazmeunafotoasi

Since last September, the two have separated and each has rebuilt their lives. For its part, Laura is very happy with Álvaro de Luna, the lovebirds went from hiding their love to releasing their passion, and the artist even dedicated a song to him! As for Risto, with a little more controversy, he also found love with Natalia Almarcha, a 27-year-old girl who was questioned about her age.

The tattoo you wish to remove

Either way, both the content creator and the presenter they are happier separately and that made Laura take the plunge and want to remove one of the tattoos she got when she was happily in love with Risto.

How do we know? Well, the young woman asked her followers in Madrid for recommendations so they could tell her about a place to remove tattoos and she took the opportunity to tell him about their experience. A news that did not take long to date: next April 14.

What we didn’t know was who of all he wanted to say goodbye to, or if it was related to Risto Mejide. However, Laura did her thing and on the Instagram account @hazmeunafotoasi he gave the answer.

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Laura Escanes reveals the date and the tattoo. / Instagram @lauraescanes and @hazmeunafotoasi

Said anonymous account opened a poll to find out which one was going to be deleted, giving only the option to vote for the three linked to the father of his daughter or directly all and Laura’s vote was quick to come. The influencer revealed that the tattoo to be removed is “the ass signature.” And it’s not for less!

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