Switch to Moccasin“debuted as an anime yesterday with a first episode which you can find in full on Crunchyroll. This is how the premiere of an anime took place that many of us who love romantic comedies have been waiting for months, and personally I can say that It met all the expectations I had. So I want to talk about why I think this becomes one of the top contenders for romantic comedy of the year.

Why Skip to Loafer convinced me so much in its first episode

  • To start, I want to talk about mitsumiwho is the type of character we like to follow: outstanding in studies…and a complete disaster in practically everything else. In fact, I think we all know one of these specimens on a daily basis.
  • On another side, Souke I also loved it first. On the contrary, I loved seeing how he falls in love from the first moment seeing Mitsumi being his most real “me” possible. It will depend on me, but i love people naturally, so I can agree with the moment when Sousuke starts to smile as Mitsumi runs and he doesn’t care.
Yes, Skip to Loafer got me very inside with just its first episode
  • To some extent, the first episode of Skip to Loafer It gave me a lot of “vibes” in Kimi ni Todoke. It’s an anime that I watched a long time ago so I might not have all the things too clear, but I see something of this girl dynamic that isn’t very clear socially and of the boy who has a natural facility for him. Maybe someone here is also thinking Komi Can’t Communicate, but that doesn’t seem like it to me in this case (I see it as a more forced comedy there, which I like too).
  • In summary: first of all, the two protagonists and their chemistry enchanted me. NOW I want to see a little more secondary characters, because I think in these stories a good accompaniment can really make everything take off in general.. In particular, I’d be happy if Mitsumi’s best friend somehow gains relevance, as she’s a character that I think can have a lot of impact on the protagonist.
  • Regarding the production of the anime as such, I think that sound works seems to be on the right track. It’s not an anime I expect or need absolute barbarism in terms of technique, so in general Skip to Loafer looks as good as it did in the first episode, I’ll be more than happy with it .

And at this point, it only remains to see how this story progresses. Obviously I’m clear there will be more comedy first than romance, basically because Mitsumi’s adjustment to life in the big city doesn’t seem particularly easy. Either way, I’m sure there will eventually be key moments that every high-profile rom-com will stitch up.

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