Getting established in the fashion industry is complicated; Getting trendsetters to notice your clothes is next to impossible. Sandra Alejandre (Madrid, 1996) has managed to catch the attention of some of the best known faces in the entertainment industry. Thanks to her incredible gift when it comes to reinterpreting well-known garments such as the corset, the bows, the gloves and the underwear, her firm Alejandre has made artists like Two Lips, Nathy Fur, Amaia, Natalia Lacunza or Bad Girl. Not only that! She has also dressed great style references such as Julia Fox or Kourtney Kardashian.

Sandra has become one of Spain’s most promising designers. Last February, she was a candidate for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talent award during Madrid Fashion Week. Her signature Alejandre caught the attention of all attendees, making it clear that her shapes and fabrics are perfect for any type of occasion.

To reveal all the secrets of her creations worn by artists, Sandra went to the LOS40 studios. The designer sat down to come face to face with her own pieces. These yeses, worn by some of the biggest stars in the entertainment industry.

The designer tells us how she discovered that celebrities were wearing her creations. Also on what it’s like to create a piece for an artist from scratch—she has dressed Nathy Peluso for shows on several occasions—. Sandra Alejandre reveals all the secrets of her creations: the very ones that made the entire entertainment industry crack.

From Dua Lipa’s corset to Nathy Peluso’s design

Dua Lipa is one of the big stars who dressed up as Alejandre. The interpreter of Future Nostalgia has worn a model from the Spanish firm up to two times. The second was a beautiful white corset she wore after a concert: “I discovered it on Instagram, where I usually read about everything, and I was very excited. It was the second time we wore it. “

Alejandro is a company that bets a lot on corsets. The designer told us that she made them with cotton to give them a more comfortable touch and to no longer be associated with rigidity: “I have always loved lingerie and I regretted that these garments were relegated to being covered. “

Another of the artists who dressed up as Alejandre is Nathy Peluso. The Argentinian singer is a fan of the firm. Indeed, the designer told us that she had made a tailor-made product for one of her performances: “There is always a need, we cannot go only to aesthetics and beauty. When they are artists, you have to take into account their needs: they move around a lot. With her, we put on elastic clothes so that she moves on the stage”.

One of the artists who made her dress the most excited is Julia Fox, the celebrity wore an incredible ensemble of Alejandre on the streets of New York. Sandra recalls that achieving the look was very simple. “Dressing artists gives you a rush and a hype. The fact that artists like Julia Fox wear it may mean that other artists want to wear it,” she tells us.

If you want to know more about the Alejandre firm, click on play and enjoy the full interview!

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