Several injured and killed in shooting in Colorado

Several injured and killed in shooting in Colorado (Screenshot Marietta Davis -Twitter)

On Monday afternoon there was a shooting at the King Soopers supermarket in Colorado, United States, in which multiple people were injured and several deaths were also reported, including a police officer.

According to reports from various media outlets, the shots hit more people than those confirmed as dead, but at the end of this note the number of wounded and deceased had not yet been confirmed.

The authorities reported that a suspect has already been detained, who was injured, for which he is receiving medical assistance. The motives for the shooting are still unknown.

Several of the videos circulating on social media show police officers leaving the supermarket with a shirtless handcuffed man, as blood ran down one of his legs. It is suspected that he is the person responsible for the shooting.

Police in the city of Boulder, Colorado, alerted locals on Twitter that there was “an active shooter at the King Soopers supermarket” to avoid circulating in that area until further notice.

Live broadcasts from various media outlets show SWAT teams and Boulder police armed in assault gear and camouflage military garb. The press reported that the city’s bomb squad was deployed to the scene.

The FBI’s state office in Denver announced on Twitter that its staff are assisting with the investigation into the shooting.

A female witness to the shooting told WNDU-16 that she had attended the supermarket pharmacy when an individual shot a woman, after which the witness remained in a supermarket closet locked up and terrified for more than an hour.

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