Several people, including a police officer from Boulder, Colorado, died Monday during a shooting at a supermarket in the city, according to authorities. One person was detained, according to Police Commander Kerry Yamaguchi.

Faced with repeated pressure on how many people died, authorities said they could not give a specific number. And they added that they are still trying to notify relatives.

Authorities did not share any information about the type of weapon used, or any possible motive for Monday’s attack. A senior law enforcement source told Citizen Free Press that the weapon used was an AR-15-style rifle.

The only person who suffered major injuries was the suspect, Yamaguchi said.

What we know about the suspect in the Boulder, Colorado shooting

Yamaguchi said there is a suspect in custody. However, it is still being investigated if there is a single attacker. Authorities noted that the suspect is receiving treatment for his injuries.

Commander Yamaguchi pointed out that they don’t have a motive yet either. He said it will be part of the investigation to determine if there was any relationship between the gunman and the people in the store. He also added that he does not know if the attacker had any connection to any of the employees.

The scene of the shooting

Hours after the shooting, the mall remained an active crime scene, with a massive police presence.

At around 2:49 pm local time (4:49 pm ET) the Boulder, Colorado police tweeted that there was an “active attacker at King Soopers on Table Mesa. AVOID THE AREA.

As events unfolded, the Citizen Free Press affiliate KMGH helicopter filmed a shirtless man as he was being pulled from the supermarket. The individual had what appeared to be blood on his right arm and leg. His hands also appeared to be handcuffed behind his back while two officers escorted him. The man was transferred by ambulance.

It was unclear if the individual was involved in the reported active shooting inside the store. During the press conference, the authorities did not comment on the matter. However, they said the suspect was receiving medical treatment.

At one point, police officers tweeted that they wanted people elsewhere, some 3 miles away, to take refuge, due to a “report of an armed and dangerous individual.” They said they were investigating to see if it was related to the supermarket shooting.

Boulder Colorado

Security officers escort people out of the King Soopers grocery store in south Boulder, Colorado.

A witness broadcast part of the shooting live

Video of the shooting that a witness recorded inside the supermarket appeared to show immobile people on the ground inside and outside the store. Alleged shots are also heard.

The video, recorded by Dean Schiller, is part of a longer live broadcast that continued as the shooting progressed and police arrived.

In one part, Schiller is heard saying that people should call 911.

“We don’t know if there is an attacker, an active attacker somewhere,” says Schiller in the video.

When he asks what appears to be a store clerk if an assailant entered the store, the man responds, “Yes, he did.”

“Did he go into the store?” Schiller asks the man.

“It was exactly there,” replied the man.

“Oh my God,” Schiller reacted. Guys, we have people inside Kings Soopers.

Then Schiller says, “Look, there is …”, but does not finish his sentence when two shots prevent him from speaking.

Authorities have not said how many victims were at the scene.

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