Six years ago, Lucia Forseth was a homeless woman.

But life has changed dramatically for the woman from Contra Costa County.

Earlier this year, he bought a California Lottery Scratchers ticket during an oil change at the Walmart Supercenter in Pittsburgh, just northeast of Oakland. He had to look twice to realize he had hit the jackpot after buying just one ticket.

“I only bought one ticket,” Forseth told the California Lottery. “I closed my eyes and chose this one, and he won. At first I thought I had won a free ticket, but I checked and he told me that I had won 5 million of dollars.”

The Scratchers ticket named “2023” holds special significance for Forseth in what has already been a year of significant events in his life.

“Six years ago I was homeless. This year I’m getting married, getting my associate’s degree, and making $5 million,” Forseth said. “You never think you have a chance of winning it. It’s just random. After being homeless just six years ago, I never thought it would happen to someone like me. “

She plans to buy a new house and invest the remaining money.

This story first appeared on Telemundo 52’s sister station NBCLA. Click here to read this story in English.

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