The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is going to be a game. We all know that. We’re also aware that it’s already one of the strongest GOTY contenders of 2023. We don’t have to try it to know we’ll love it and it’ll be one of the strongest titles. more important on Nintendo. To change. The precedents are excellent and the quality of this type of game never fails.

Nintendo has pretty much spoiled us (in a good way) when it comes to its most iconic sagas. Ofwhether with Super Mario, Metroid, Kirby or Zelda, the results are always remarkable, so we know that this time will be no different. Despite this, we have a series of requests and/or details that we would like to see in this new Zelda. Or what amounts to the same thing, seven things we would like to change in THE Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Of course, this is something very subjective, since there will be sections that we did not like so much and that others will like. And vice versa. Everything depends on the prism and the focus, so it should not be understood as a maxim or as a pure opinion, but as a subjective text which seeks to iron out those points that we didn’t like so much there at the time.

Weapons do not break and/or repair and upgrade the system

It is 100% certain that it will happen. Yes, the weapons will break. In the trailers we’ve seen, the burst weapon mechanic was present, so we’ll keep that mechanic, but we wish it wasn’t. At least from a purely subjective point of view. We do not consider this to be a mistake, but we are not supporters of this system.

Failing that, since we know how to be present, improve the feeling of farming and crafting with tools and resources that allow us to repair and/or improve our weapons It will be something that will drive us crazy. Considering the thousands of options that Breath of the Wild offered, the possibility of modifying our weapons and shields with the new elements included in Tears of the Kingdom would be a real godsend… Never better said.

The world and the map have evolved

It’s something we’ve seen in the trailers as well, but only to a point. This is why we would like the world of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom presents a truly striking evolution of its settings. At least of those who are most subject to the action of the various inhabitants of the world. Now that peace is established, albeit temporarily, it would make sense for the company to expand.

With this, we seek that new towns and camps have been created where we can meet people of other races very differently. We’d like to improve Link’s connection with the rest of the world and feel like we’ve really impacted their lives in some way.

This justifies downgrading Link to a hero

This is one of the toughest subjects of all, but we’re sure they’ll make it. At any rate, is one of our most specific requests: we want Link to be logically weaker. What do we mean? It’s common in many sequels for the protagonist to lose all their gear and/or powers so new players don’t feel overwhelmed if they haven’t had a taste of the previous title.

To be realistic, We would like everything that we have already obtained to be maintained and that everything be considered in a more progressive way., but we understand that it is complicated. Knowing that it probably won’t happen, what we’re asking is that it feel logical and consistent with the narrative and the story.

How would it be? Well, we have no idea, but there will be something. In fact, considering that we have already explored the world and have information on the entire map, the logical thing would be to think that something is going to happen with the Sheikah Stone. Otherwise, we would have access to the fully explored map, which we do not expect.

We want to play with Zelda

An impossible? During months, Zelda has been rumored to be a playable character – if only for certain segments – of the new story.. We would like it to be so and that this haircut is not only for aesthetic reasons. Wait, how? The quick explanation is that short hair is easier to animate in a video game, being one of the arguments used to justify Princess Zelda as a playable character.

Anyway, it’s something that seems unlikely, but it will give a very interesting extra point to the story. We don’t expect that to happen but it will be something we would like to see and enjoy very much with. And we’re not talking about opening up the world to a cooperative system, but including areas where we can control it.

It’s mechanically as crazy as Breath of the Wild

One of the great strengths of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is that there were so many mechanics that worked so differently that… Even today, years after its release, players keep discovering things that no one knew what could be done. This is something that was achieved by working very well on the physics of the title.

It is very likely that this will happen again, but we also want to point out, because it’s one of the things we’d miss the most if it wasn’t. And yes, we know that there will be a lot of mechanics. We’re not talking about that, but that its potential for the future is just as “absurd” as the prequel’s.

more power

Is it clear that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a great game, but it’s also true that the Nintendo Switch version was a Nintendo Wii port. adapted to the peculiarities of the Nintendo hybrid. This caused it to lose some of its graphical potential, that it didn’t work as it should at times, and that it didn’t take full advantage of the capabilities of the new Nintendo console.

This will not happen again, we know that, but we also wanted to point it out. Why ? Well, because at this point we also make a second request: which is more pointer and takes full advantage of the console. Given the more than obvious limitations of Nintendo’s hardware, we want it to perform at its highest level. Even better, it seems to be, because everything we’ve seen so far makes us think so.

A better interface

Although it worked pretty well overall, we would like to make the interface more user-friendly, both in inventory management and in storage data. In general, improve the navigation menus to make the experience even more comfortable. All of this would be nicely accompanied by other quality of life improvements, but that’s the one we’d like to see improve the most.

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