The theft of several vehicles this Sunday in Miami alerted the authorities, who in some cases had to resort to police pursuits to find the alleged thieves.

The first car theft was recorded around 3 a.m. on Sunday. It was an armed robbery, which authorities say happened when several people pulled a woman out of her car and then fled in it.

It all allegedly happened near 9th Avenue SW with 3rd Street. The vehicle was later located on 14th Avenue SW with 71st Street.

Officers have since located three possible suspects who may have been involved in the assault, who fled on foot after the incident.

Just like the people who, hours later, stole another car, but this time in the 1000 block of West Atlantic Boulevard in Pompano Beach, also fled on foot.

After being removed from its owner, the car was seen traveling south on Interstate 95.

But that’s without counting on the fact that the vehicle they had just stolen would suffer a mechanical failure in full flight and be engulfed in flames, a tragic incident which led to the capture of the alleged suspect.

According to Broward Sheriff’s Office investigators, the vehicle misfired and came to a stop at a freeway exit near Commercial Boulevard.

The car nearly caught fire and as officers attempted to put out the fire, the suspect was captured.

Paramedics transported the driver to hospital after showing respiratory problems, while the investigation into the theft of these cars and their suspects is still ongoing.

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