Kimetsu no Yaiba“makes demon exterminators not have a single second to breathe, and the Blacksmiths’ Village, far from being a calm and withdrawn place as we hear it, it has become a battlefield against no more and no less than two Upper Moons. But, who is Gyokko really? What are the Upper Moon 5’s abilities and powers? Here’s an in-depth look at everything to keep in mind about this powerful demon.

Who is Gyokko, the upper moon 5 of Kimetsu no Yaiba

  • Obviously, Before becoming a demon, Gyokko was also human and then answered to the name of Managi.. Unfortunately, nothing is known of his life prior to his demon stage, beyond the evidence that he must have created ships.
  • The first thing that catches Gyokko’s attention is his physical appearance, which is by far the one with the least human traits among all the demons in Muzan.
  • Gyokko looks like a being from a strange physical structure, with mouths where there should be eyes for example, and with the ability to completely shape your body. This is especially seen in its final form, which gives it a newt-like appearance.
The Crazy Appearance of Gyokko, the Upper Moon 5 of Kimetsu no Yaiba
  • Although not mentioned, it is Gyokko’s strange physical disposition is probably related to his artistic vocationreveals itself through its vessels.
  • Gyokko is someone extremely proud of his work as an artist, for which he never ceases to compliment himself. Actually, the most enraged you can see is when someone makes fun of their artistic ability or when you are overtaken in creative passion by others.
  • Usually the upper moon 5 is petty, jealous and very narcissisticand in no case can he accept the art of others before his own.

Kimetsu no Yaiba 5 Upper Moon Abilities

  • As an upper moon, Gyokko has all the elite characteristics that define these demons: Incredible speed and reflexes, overwhelming strength, titanic stamina, and a regenerative ability that heals him from almost any injury in seconds..
  • Gyokko’s main quality in combat is that which revolves around his ship creation. Gyokko can easily create these artworks and use them for a wide variety of different uses:
    • Gyokoko You can use the pots to instantly teleport over great distances, more than making up for the fact that it has no legs.
    • Another curious power of Gyokko derived from his pottery art is the ability to create fish demons. These demons are more powerful than most standard demon slayers and have the distinction of only dying when the ship attached to their body is destroyed.
    • Generally, High Moon 5 can be considered to have an affinity for aquatic qualities, as it too can create water through their ships, in addition to even ‘summon’ arms to the octopus. On the other hand, the fish he creates have very different qualities; from some that shoot poisonous needles to others that produce strong acid to death.
kimetsu no yaiba pez demonio
An example of the kind of demons Gyokko can create
  • Gyokko also has a final form that frees you from the bonds of your ship to begin with. In this state, Gyokko moves freely without the need for a ship, which improves all your physical qualities. In addition, in this state, it has some scales to cover his body that are tougher than diamond. Ultimately, when in his final form, he has the powerful ability to turn anything he touches into fish.

The same goes for Gyokko, the Upper Moon 5 who certainly has some of the most unique abilities of all of Muzan’s Upper Moons. Honestly, having rediscovered the character now, I think I like him a lot more than when I first saw him in the manga “Kimetsu no Yaiba”, because he is really unique compared to his “allies”.. Without a doubt, one of the most interesting demons to appear in anime.

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