Andrew Brenner, a senator for the state of Ohio, United States, who in the last hours went viral for starring in an unusual moment in the middle of a hearing of the legislative body.

As the state of Ohio zoomed in on the possibility of passing a law to create additional penalties for distracted drivers, the Republican senator participated in the debate while driving.

At first he was connected from inside a parked car. A few minutes later he disconnected and reappeared a few moments later, in what at first seemed the living room of a house.

But really what he wanted was to hide the situation in which he found himself, by means of the use of a virtual background, but it was impossible. It could be seen that he was wearing his seat belt and looking to the sides, a clear indication that he was driving.

All this happened while the background was failing him and you could see a window and how the landscape was passing quickly behind.

This whole situation was broadcast live by The Ohio Channel. Later Brenner gave statements to The Columbus Dispatch, in which he said that “he was not distracted, he was paying attention to the road and listening to the meeting.”

He further added, “I had two meetings in a row in two different places. I’ve made a lot of calls while driving, and on this video call I wasn’t paying attention to the video. For me, it was like a phone call. Finally, he said that for most of the videoconference he was parked.

“I was wearing my seatbelt and paying attention to the road,” he defended himself.


Since the beginning of the pandemic, more than once it has happened that due to misuse or negligence, video calls ended up being “hidden cameras” that exhibited more than was wanted.

At the end of April, in Spain no other topic was discussed. Because the blooper that starred in the political journalist Alfonso Merlos it became a media scandal.

The presenter was talking about current affairs from his home, in the program “State of alarm” which is broadcast on YouTube, when in a corner of the screen he saw a a scantily clad woman walking behind the reporter. This triggered a story of infidelity, as the woman in question was not his girlfriend, but a co-worker.

Another of the most recent viral virtual bloopers happened in Bogota Colombia. A college student connected to a virtual class and in the middle of the class decided to have sex with her boyfriend.

The problem was that forgot to disconnect the microphone Y the whole class, including the teacher, listened to the exchanges with their partner. “Lorena, we are listening to you”the teacher warned in the video. “Hi, you left the mic open,” he insisted. But there was no reply.

Consequently, the teacher decided to silence her and continue with the lesson. But some of his colleagues had already recorded the situation, which became a trending topic.

Mexico also had its viral blooper from the hand of Martha Lucía Mícher Camarena, Senator for the State of Guanajuato. What was shown was her being accidentally topless in a video conference on Zoom.

While she held a meeting of the Political Coordination Board along with other senators, the woman did not realize that she had the camera on and showed herself without clothes in the middle of the session, which aroused the surprise and some laughter from her companions. The senator later apologized publicly.

Last in Brazil, a similar event occurred in the month of May. During a virtual meeting among which members of the Federation of Industries of São Paulo participated, businessman Paulo Skaf did not notice his camera on, and showed all the meeting participants how he bathed.

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