Apple created a sensation by launching its AirTag sensors, featuring the UWB. Accessories much more advanced than similar products. Amazon and Tile join forces against the Cupertino company.

Since the appearance of these accessories, Tile has always more or less led the market, it was the brand that first came to mind when thinking of Bluetooth trackers. These sensors are small, compact, available in various sizes and shapes, for all needs, and they are very affordable. The market has changed significantly with the launch of the Apple AirTag, which combines the Apple-branded Locate service and UWB technology, making it a strong competitor.

Tile teams up with Amazon in an attempt to counter Apple and its Locate network and its AirTags

That being said, Tile has no plans to give way to Apple. Today, the brand announces a partnership with Amazon in the hope of being able to set up its own network of connected devices. This collaboration also includes Level, a company known and recognized for its connected locks. All of this will communicate with Amazon’s own network of connected devices called Sidewalk.

Tile joins the Amazon Sidewalk network

According to Amazon Product Manager Dave Limp, “WiFi is limited, most of the time at your home, it just doesn’t have the range to go all the way to your backyard or the neighborhood. The cellular network is certainly the future, but it is still very expensive today. Sidewalk kind of balances the two and allows us to connect millions, billions of devices at the edge of the network in a secure way.”

In a way, this is quite similar to Apple’s Find My Network that uses millions of Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads, and other Macs around the world. Difficult to know if one of the networks is “better” than the other but if you are already in the Apple ecosystem, maybe the AirTag would be more appropriate. The choice is yours in any case.

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