I came across a portal where you can get them at a crazy price if you follow these tips

I am generally attentive to any offer that could be useful to you so that you can save money when buying a game that interests you. But the information that I bring you here goes beyond the official sales that take place in different video game stores, since today I want to tell you about a portal called Miravia that I recently discovered.

In addition to selling all kinds of things, Miravia has a section dedicated to video games where we can get some of them (including new arrivals) at a discount if we use different coupons and promotions on the web. Then I leave you several so that you can buy a game there saving a lot of money. Let’s bother

Get cheaper games by following this trick with Miravia

  • First, you can access the Miravia video games section by following this same link
  • You can also use the Miravia app, as those who use it for the first time will receive a 25% discount coupon to spend on any product in the store
  • This is the app download link
  • Also, from time to time, coupons will be activated in the store itself, which You can check this other link
  • Let’s do the math by giving a concrete example
    • Paper Mario: The Origami King is currently on sale for €41 in stores
    • If I use the app for the first time to buy it, it will be further reduced to €30.75
    • If by chance a coupon came out that reduced, to put a figure, €5 more, the game would remain at the total figure of €25.75
    • This is a considerable discount, considering that the total price of the game is €59.99

I gave the example of Paper Mario: The Origami King because it was only the first game I grabbed using the Miravia app, so I saved a lot of money with all that. What game are you going to catch yourself and you?

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