Remains of the Airbus plane from Air France flight AF447 (AP/file)

The Justice of France acquitted this Monday to the European manufacturer Airbus and society Air France in the case of the June 1, 2009 accident of a Rio de Janeiro-Paris flight which crashed into the Atlantic and caused the death of its 228 occupants, including 58 Brazilians.

At the end of an investigation which lasted thirteen years, the two companies found themselves on the bench accused of manslaughter in one of the deadliest air crashes of the past twenty years.

After three months of proceedings at the end of 2022, the Public Prosecutor’s Office had aligned itself in its argument with the essentials of the theses of the two multinationals in believe that it was “impossible to prove” the guilt of the accident, which angered the associations of victims as Aid and Solidarity AF447.

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