To commemorate National Dog Day on August 26, website LawnStarter sniffed out the Best Cities for Dog Lovers of 2022.

How is San Diego doing in this ranking?

San Diego Rank on Some Key Metrics (1st = Best)
Percentage of Dog-Friendly Rental Properties – 93rd
Number of Dog Meetings – 2nd
Emergency Veterinary Clinics and Hospitals – 4th
Number of Kennels – 16th
Number of Dog Friendly Accommodations – 1st
Average Per Visit (Adjusted for Income) – 30th

To arrive at the ranking, more than 175 of the largest cities in the United States were compared on the basis of 24 key indicators of friendliness for dogs, such as housing, services and care. Pawlicy favorability, access to puppy foster businesses, and affordability were also analyzed.

The ranking and full analysis can be found at Best Cities for Dog Lovers.

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