Salt Bae is punished for sneaking into the festivities of the Qatar 2022 World Cup Final

Salt Bae is punished for sneaking into the festivities of the Qatar 2022 World Cup Final

The Turkish chef lifted the World Cup during Argentina’s celebration in Qatar 2022

Nusret Gökçe, the Turkish chef better known as Salt Bae, would have been sanctioned by FIFA after sneaking into the field where Argentina celebrated their triumph after winning the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

And it is that a few weeks after the owner of Nusr-Et, the important Turkish chain of steakhouses, invaded the celebration of the champions, the sanction that he will receive by the international soccer governing authority was known.

According to the press outlet Marca, Salt Bae will not be able to attend any 2026 World Cup match to be held in the United States, Mexico and Canada.

“Sanctioned! FIFA prohibits the entry of Salt Bae for the 2026 World Cup. The punishment is due to the fact that the renowned chef interrupted Argentina’s celebrations on the field of play, ”said the Peruvian sports journalist Erick Osores on his official Instagram account.

This occurs as a result of the cook, who is characterized by the peculiar way of throwing salt into his preparations, harassing the champions and even trying to snatch the valuable trophy just to take a picture holding it.

In the images published by the cook himself, it can be seen how on one occasion he approaches Cristian Romero, who was carrying his son in one arm and holding the Cup in the other. At Gökçe’s insistence, the golden piece ends up in his hands . It was not like that with Ángel Di María, who gave him a disapproving look and only managed to caress the trophy.

Gökçe’s invasive attitude escalated worse and worse, as he satisfied his need to be photographed with the Cup, his next prey was the players’ medals. In one of the images the chef appeared biting the medal of the Santa Fe goalkeeper Franco Armani.

Another of the actions that went viral on social networks and that has probably been the one that annoyed the fans the most was the awkward moment in which he intercepted Lionel Messi to take a photo. In a short audiovisual you can see how he takes the captain of the Argentine National Team several times by the arm until he manages to hold him and fulfill his objective of being photographed.

“Without respect. Who does that guy think he is? ”; “Salt Bae had a pathetic thirst for World Cup selfies”; “I can’t keep watching videos of Salt Bae trying (and finally managing) to load the World Cup to take pictures with her and the players,” were some of the comments read on social networks after Nusret Gökçe’s behavior.

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