An investigation indicates that the suspect managed to steal more than 4 thousand dollars

A woman living in the city of Hialeah, identified by the name of Maygret Izquierdo Martínez, ended up under arrest in Monroe County, for allegedly stealing more than $4,400 by forging checks.

Adam Lindhardt, spokesman for the County Sheriff’s Office, indicated that the detainee faces 12 felony counts of fraud and theft, committed in Marathon Key.

Following the respective complaints, local detectives began to investigate fraudulently intercepted and deposited checks before they reached their recipients.

The investigations allowed the arrest of Martínez, 39 years old and unemployed, according to the information presented in her arrest file.

Although the suspect confessed to making illegal deposits, the authorities are still working on the case and there is a possibility that she could face additional charges.

A week ago, the arrest of another resident of Hialeah, a town located in Miami-Dade County, named William Marrero, was reported for attempting to steal items from a pharmacy located in Key Largo.

The man entered the business, took a cart where he began to put different cases and at a certain moment he escaped from the establishment with the merchandise valued at more than 830 dollars.

Following a 911 call from employees, Monroe agents found the suspected thief wandering erratically in the business parking lot. He apparently was intoxicated with some kind of drug.

Marrero tried to run away when he realized that he was going to be placed under arrest, but the policemen managed to catch up with him and take him into custody.

The cook in Key Largo, according to the arrest record, was charged with theft and resisting arrest.

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