Robbie Williams and Ayda Field have been married for over 10 years. However, if the couple were to visit Resistance and submit to one of the show’s two fetish questions, the answer would surprise us. Because? Because he confessed that they barely had a relationship (and preferred to spoon at night).

Naturally and without qualms, the Williams couple opened up to talk about their non-existent sex life. The main reason is that since Robbie stopped taking testosterone to treat his depression, The singer’s libido decreased exponentially.

“There is no sex after marriage”the Take That ex claimed The sun. in the month for its part, ensured that “Intimacy is the most meaningful and important side of love. We are happy.”

In a podcast she attended as a guest last year, the actress joked that the sex between the two was “completely dead.” “I was freaked out that Rob was pissed off. I had forgotten about the interview, and weeks later it came out totally out of context, in a horrible way… And I woke up to a bunch of messages from friends asking if it was okay to be in a sexless marriage!” she recalled.

“I don’t care about that,” says Robbie Williams. “Being in a sexless marriage is only a problem if you’re not in the same boat; if one person wants it and the other doesn’t; if you have different expectations or desires,” he said. explain.

And that, precisely, does not pose a problem for them, since they both honestly prefer watching a good movie or snuggling up in bed. “I think people confuse sex with intimacy. We’re always cuddling and kissing, holding hands when we’re watching TV or a movie on the couch or whatever.” she added.

Robbie Williams addiction

“Everybody knows that there is no sex after marriage. It’s like that“, he expresses. “I took testosterone hormones for a while, but because I’m addicted, I had to stop. I straightened up and looked like a nightclub bouncer. I didn’t look good, but the sex we had back then was amazing: we did it all the time and we were insatiable, we couldn’t hold hands with each other. I say this to show that we are still very much into each other. Sometimes I miss it because it was a fun time, but Ayda turns me on when we’re on the couch, eating a tangerine and she says “we should do it” and I shrug. So just so you know, we’re still trying,” he says.

Between Robbie Williams and Ayda Field, there is no crisis. They love each other, they are well and they share a happy life with their four children.

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