Today they arrived very remarkable free maps and there are only a few hours left until the Teams of the Season event kicks off in FIFA 23. One of its usual contents are the insured TOTS envelopes, they have usually appeared in this celebration for many years. And as some people might wonder when they would arrive and what stockings they would ask for, in this post Let’s review what happened in the previous season.

Logically, it is far from confirmed that we will see this content in the current edition of Ultimate Team. But I think it’s okay to look at what’s happened before, because EA Sports tends to repeat a lot of dynamics over time. SO maybe we’ll see something similar now and it could serve as a reference.

Did guaranteed TOTS packs appear for all teams in last year’s season?

In FIFA 22, something happened that I consider quite disappointing, and that is that we don’t have the typical SBC that guarantees a TOTS Ultimate card. If you’re new to this mode, TOTS Ultimate comes at the end of the event and includes several of the best players from previous teams of the season. That’s why he’s usually very powerful and most of his players are interesting.

Although in other editions an SBC appeared that guaranteed a TOTS Ultimate, last year it didn’t happen. So we shouldn’t even assume we’ll see it in FIFA 23. Hopefully EA Sports will remove it, but that’s not clear.

While the other teams in the season had their own team building challenge. So, although it’s not guaranteed, the same is likely to happen this time.

TOTS Ultimate tends to feature very powerful cards, so it was disappointing that we didn’t have locked SBCs for this team.

When did secure TOTS SBCs appear?

In the majority of cases, Team of the Season secondary SBCs appeared on Tuesdays, while primary ones arrived on Wednesdays. They were all untradable and, with a few exceptions at the end of the event, could only be completed once.

What stockings did they order for each?

I leave you here the list of requested stockings for each SBC. As I said before, it is far from certain that they will ask the same now. We may see changes, but this information could still be used as a reference. And the year before, you also had to achieve a certain minimum chemistry, although in FIFA 23 this is not usual.

  • Community team: 84 average and a TOTS.
  • TOTS Eredivisie: 84 on average.
  • ALL EFLs: 84 on average.
  • TOTS Premier League: 86 average and a TOTS.
  • ALL Bundesliga: 85 on average and a TOTS.
  • Saudi League ROSHN TOTS: 84 on average.
  • ALL La Liga Santander: 87 on average and a TOTS.
  • ALL MLSs: 84 on average.
  • ALL of Ligue 1: 86 average and a TOTS.
  • ALL Super Ligs: 84 on average.
  • ALL Series A: 86 average and a TOTS.
  • ALL the Liga Portugal: 84 on average.
  • CONMEBOL Libertadores TOTGS: 84 on average.
  • Belgium Pro League TOTS (it may not come out this year): 84 on average
  • Rest of the world TOTS (it may not be released this year): 84 on average.

Apart from those SBCs that guaranteed a map of a specific team of the season, during the final phase of the event We have others where players from different TOTS might appear. I therefore also leave this information here.

  • TOTS improvement (a player from any team in the season appeared): 84 on average and a TOTS or IF.
  • Player’s choice +94: He asked for two teams, one with an average of 87 which included a TOTS or IF and another with an 88 which included a TOTS or IF.
  • Envelope of ALL +93 EFIGS (i.e. among the top five leagues): A single team with an average of 87 which included a TOTS or an IF.

Remember that on the Telegram broadcast channel We’ll let you know when we post content to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team or EA Sports FC. I leave you here Article POTM Ligue 1 there the nominees for the next LaLiga Santander Player of the Month. Good luck!

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