sixteen notesthis is the name of the new novel by Restaurant Mejide which is based on Bach’s love affair with his second wife, who was almost twice his age. A relationship that has parallels to yours with Laura Scanes with whom there was also a big age difference.

As with your new partner, Natalia Almarc. Relationship that has now confirmed that it is in full promotion of the book and everything indicates that it will open more than on other occasions. Of course, he did not start off on the right foot and denounced an act of vandalism that affects him personally.

“Well, launch week starts with something so unhappy as expected. That’s how (1) and that’s how the bank with the cover of #16notes came into being (2), “he denounced with photos in which we can see how they damaged the bank which was lined with the image of its cover.


“And that still doesn’t surprise me. Fanatics and vandals never give up their efforts. They try to deter, ridicule and report, to put those of us with nothing to hide to shame.he reflected.

It is clear that with this they do not achieve their goal: “In this way, they will only make more people aware of the existence of a book that advocates free love between adult beings (something they will never become)”.

Risto and Laura’s relationship has always caused a lot of debate precisely because of this age difference. and they have always had to face harsh criticism which, perhaps, has made them stronger in the face of comments and which now gives them arguments to defend their novel.

“I love to write. I love my readers. And I love the story they gave me John Sebastian there Anna Magdalena Bach. Love will prevail, even in couples with an age difference. See you soon at a signing. A kiss to all. Even them,” his complaint concluded.

It is clear that the important thing is that the launch did not go unnoticed.

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