Anyone with kids knows that. Holy Week it has become a tradition chocolate egg hunt How fun the little ones are. It’s like Halloween, a celebration that we have imported from abroad and which, each year, takes root more deeply in our country.

On the last Sunday of Holy Week, the Easter Bunny lays these chocolate eggs that must be found and, if possible, eaten serenely. A party full of colors that grows every day.

Many will wonder where this tradition comes from and you have to go back to the pre-Christian Anglo-Saxon festivals to find its origin. at that time it was a symbol of fertility and it was associated with the goddess Easter who was the protagonist of the month of April and the spring festival of the peoples of northern Europe.

Gradually it was derived into making chocolate bunnies that came out eggs as a symbol of creating new life in this blooming spring. It has also been adapted to Christian tradition and has been associated with the resurrection of Jesus.

Rihanna’s party

We already know what we like about a party and all the reasons are good to make a child enjoy it. well you know Rihanna who organized a party for his son without omitting any detail.

Many dress up as rabbits to create an illusion in children. Others leave the eggs alone in the garden. And there are also those who take it literally and opt for resort to real rabbits. That’s what Rihanna did.

He shared a series of photographs in which his little one can be seen in the garden, inside a fence surrounded by real rabbits. And it looks like he’s not afraid of them because we see him petting someone.

The cub is naked, wearing only a diaper and a necklace that is surely worth more than many will earn in a year. He has a book in his hands which explains how to catch the Easter bunny who obviously can’t read yet.

And yes, he likes chocolate, only they still have to teach him to remove the colored paper that wraps it because he doesn’t hesitate to put it in his mouth as it is. The fact is that the tender images of the little one made many sighstarting with models and designers.

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