The anger of Karl G. with the cover of GQ Mexico, it went around the world. Unjustified photographic retouching made the protagonist totally unrecognizable, causing her outrage. But luckily for the Colombian interpreter, there is always someone ready to help or as he himself pointed out: “We are going to teach GQ how to edit a photo professionally”.

It is graphic designer and tiktoker He has published a one and a half minute video that summarizes a long photo editing job in which he tries to fix what that of Medellín has denounced through his social networks.

Using a photo editing program, we see how this user uses a photograph of Karol G in a photocall so that the performer looks much more natural than on the aforementioned magazine cover. The designer also retouches the hair, arms and legs of the artist which had also been “victims” of the original retouching and whose image did not correspond to what the artist wanted to give.

It was the Colombian soloist herself who denounced having warned the magazine that she was not satisfied with the changes despite what the image saw the light of: “I don’t even know where to start this message.. .Today my cover was made public from GQ magazine, a cover with an image that does NOT represent me. My face does not look like this, my body does not look like this and I feel very happy and happy. comfortable with my natural appearance. I thank the magazine for the opportunity because I went very happy when they confirmed that I would be there, but despite clearly expressing my disagreement with the number of edits they made to the photo , they haven’t done anything about it. As if I need all these changes to look good. I understand the repercussions this can have, but beyond the feeling that it’s disrespectful to me and to the women who wake up every day trying to feel comfortable despite society’s stereotypes”.

A complaint that found unanimous applause from the entire entertainment world. One of the last numbers to come out was Jamie Lee Curtis who thanked Karol G for speaking out publicly and speaking out this situation which could have affected the vision that millions of young people could have of beauty or body aesthetics.

“I am so happy that it raises awareness of an issue that has been on my mind for a long time. We are human beings, not portraits made by artificial intelligences. This genocide against natural beauty is alarming and must be talked about. I am very encouraged for a young person to join the chorus of disapproval (…) The cosmetics industry wants you to look in the mirror and hate yourself and then buy their shit,” the actress said.

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