NEW YORK — New York Congressman George Santos, caught in a web of lies about his family, academic and even sexual past, announced on Monday that he was running for re-election in 2024 for a second term.

On his Twitter, Santos released a statement on Monday in which he defined himself as “an unparalleled defender of conservative values”, “a diligent legislator” and “an outspoken critic of the ‘Establishment’ in Washington”, an environment in which despite his words, he longs to stay after his hundred days in his seat.

The statement says nothing about the fabrications with which Santos, the first openly gay Republican congressman, ran in the first election and which have been uncovered by numerous media outlets.

Between the mentiras that Santos urdió sobre su currículum figuraban algunas anecdóticas as ser un defensor animalista, mientras que otras eran más graves, como su supuesta descent de una familia judía víctima del Nazi Holocausto or que su madre estuvo entre los muertos en el atentado del 11 of September.

When all of these extremes were denied, Santos seemed politically finished, and the Republican Party itself in his district of Nassau, New York, clearly distanced itself from him, but in Washington the party did not. not done and admitted him to his bench, allowing him to be part of two parliamentary committees.

However, shortly after being appointed to these commissions, in January, the congressman decided to step down due to the scandal of his lies.

If Santos manages to be re-elected, he can win the right to a lifetime pension enjoyed by all former members of Congress, provided they serve at least two terms (of two years each), hence the economic importance of his re-election.

One of the latest controversies Santos has been embroiled in, and perhaps the most exotic, is when it emerged that he attended a party in his native Brazil dressed as a ‘drag queen’ fifteen years ago. .

His remarks then took the form of an ambiguous denial, when he told reporters: “No, I was not a drag queen in Brazil guys, I was just a kid having fun at a festival. .Tag me to get a life!”

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