Closed streets and flooded neighborhoods is the picture that remains in Fort Lauderdale neighborhoods like Melrose, Edgewood and River Oaks, still affected by flooding left by heavy rains in recent days.

“All these clothes are wet, we couldn’t do anything because the water invaded us, the rooms also filled up,” recalls Romelia Hernández, a resident of Fort Lauderdale.

In several neighborhoods a few blocks around are still surrounded by water, due to flooding, garbage trucks have not been able to pick up waste in recent days.

Residents of many homes say they have been forced to move. They had to remove all the furniture from the living room and bedrooms due to one meter of flooding.

Today, in a virtual meeting with the authorities, residents received another issue that affects them.

There is sewage in parking lots in some neighborhoods. We cannot access cars. The drain overflowed. You can’t even flush the toilets.

“In terms of health, it’s a big problem and if your neighborhood has raw sewage as part of the flooding, you need to report it,” Commissioner Broward Beam Furr said.

The City of Fort Lauderdale continues to assist those affected by flooding. If you have water damage with a flood greater than 12 inches, call 954-828-8000.

With the help of the Red Cross, the City of Fort Lauderdale continues to provide assistance to those affected by the flooding.

Greg Chavarría, administrator of the city of Fort Lauderdale, explains “we have two help centers in which we offer food, water and also facilities so that they can take showers”.

These help centers are located at Shirley Small Park and the Broward County Service Center.

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