As many of you know, one of the biggest buys in the world of video game companies was announced a while ago. And no, I’m not talking about buying ActivisionBlizzard from Microsoft, but i’m talking about The purchase of Bethesda by, also, Microsoft. It caused a lot of things, the biggest one being that several of the company’s games were going to be exclusive to Xbox from then on. This happened, for example, with Redfall.

you already know it red fall It will arrive on Xbox and PC in the coming months, being the novelty of the creators of Dishonored, Prey, Deathloop, etc the last game of Bethesda who came to PS5 was Ghostwire Tokyo, as it has already been announced as a game for this platform. But red fall not announced for PS5 as it was announced after purchase by Microsoft. But if it’s not for that, the game would be released on PlayStation 5 no problem.

Redfall could have been released on PS5

Well, as classmates shared IGN (via shinobi602 In Twitter), red fall It was not going to be released only on Xbox and PC:

  • Indeed, they claim that Redfall was in development for PS5
  • But… what canceled this version?
  • GOOD was the purchase of Bethesda from Microsoft, since when purchased, although the game was in development for PS5, it had not yet been announced as such, so there would be no media issues if they canceled this development. Therefore, this version was cancelled, unlike games like Death Loop
  • Developers say Microsoft She was the one who told them to stop the PS5 and focus on Game Pass, PC and others

What would you have thought if the game was released on PS5? Without a doubt, it would be positive if anyone could play it, although in this way they could make it appear on Xbox Game Pass on the day of its launch, which will be the May 2.

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