Here’s how the Resident Evil 4 remake updates a true classic

Here’s how the Resident Evil 4 remake updates a true classic

There’s a reason Resident Evil 4 is still talked about to this day. The game marked a massive departure from the traditional Resident Evil formula, heralding a new approach to survival horror that the developers have been drawing inspiration from for years. It’s smart, scary, and just as fun to play now as it was when it first came out.

Now, nearly 20 years after Leon Kennedy set off in search of the President’s daughter, Capcom has remade and rebuilt the entire experience from the ground up, bringing a familiar setting and story and twisting slightly to make the one of the best horror games even better than ever. .

It’s basically still the same Resident Evil 4 that came out in 2005. But with a revamped knife, new take on the briefcase, new AI for the deadly Gained, and a ton of other gameplay tweaks, it feels like a brand. . new game. Here’s what you can expect from the new and improved remake of Resident Evil 4 when it launches on March 24.

knife to meet you

Leon’s knife in Resident Evil 4 was an integral part of your toolbox. Not only was it useful for smashing open crates and barrels when searching for ammo, but it could also hold off Ganados briefly when they cornered you, and even get you some good attacks when you downed an enemy and had to save ammo.

You’ll be happy to know that Leon kept his knife for the remake, but it’s not as formidable as it used to be. Instead of savagely hitting anything that comes close, you’ll need to conserve use of your knife with your ammo, as each knife attack will cause its durability to drop. And once it breaks down, you won’t be able to use it until it’s fixed.

However, not everything is bad. For one, the crates that carry ammo can be smashed with a quick kick instead of a stab, saving you from having to do a repair just to get a few bullets. On top of that, his knife is now even more powerful, able to parry enemy attacks, yes, that includes the infamous Dr. Salvador’s incoming Chainsaw. And you can even stealth kill the Won, stabbing them in the throat to kill them in one shot, which can save you a lot of bullets.

You’ll also be able to upgrade the knife when you trade with the merchant, increasing its durability and saving you from having to repair it as often. So don’t worry, the knife will still be your best friend, you just have to treat it a little better.

attached to the aggregate

Oh, the briefcase. Resident Evil 4’s inventory system is absolutely iconic, offering a little puzzle element to separate the terrifying action from the rest of the game. And here we go again for the new version, with a few slight twists.

This time, instead of just increasing the size of your attachment, you’ll also be able to choose new styles. These styles don’t just look good – different cases will provide different gaming benefits to help you on your journey. The silver add-on, for example, will increase your chances of finding pistol ammo, which will come in handy in a pinch.

You will also be able to unlock new charms for your holster, which grant further bonuses. The Chicken Charm, for example, gives you full health when you eat a chicken egg, an extremely useful perk to have in the Village section of the game, where chickens can be more plentiful than herbs. These charms are unlocked through side quests, so you’ll need to explore to get them all to stand a fighting chance.

Behind you fool!

Ganados weren’t exactly dumb in the original Resident Evil 4: it’s hard to tell how many times one veered away from your perfectly lined up headshot while another snuck up behind you to hit you from behind. But in the new version, these infected villagers have become even smarter.

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You’ll see some familiar faces among the crowd of enemies, but they still won’t be happy to see you and they have new tactics to kill you. Unarmed Ganados can grab you and hold you in place so an armed friend can deal more damage, for example, so staying out of gun range has never been more important. As we said in our Resident Evil 4 Remake review, every encounter feels like the setting, thanks in part to those buffed enemies.

There are also new types of enemies to face. Expect to encounter some particularly creepy new cattle that like to wear a cow’s head and attack it with a hammer. If that doesn’t scare you, nothing will.

The local way to break the ice

That’s not all that has changed, of course. Several minor adjustments have been made to Resident Evil 4, remixing the experience you know and love to keep it fresh and interesting, even for players who have completed the original version multiple times.

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Anyone who’s played the Chainsaw demo can tell you that Hunter’s Lodge has been radically revamped, with a new design and a much spookier ending. Expect to see your favorite locations expanded and changed in ways you won’t see coming.

There are also small adjustments. Crouch is no longer contextual and instead has its own dedicated button, perfect for all the stealth attacks you’re going to land. Herb mixing will continue to be a key part of the game, but crafting as a whole has been expanded, so you can craft your own ammo and more. And we haven’t even touched on the graphical improvements, which you can see for yourself. It’s the best Resident Evil 4 ever seen, and the best ever made.

You don’t have to wait long before you can put yourself in Leon’s shoes and begin your gruesome adventure. Resident Evil 4 will launch on Steam and the Epic Games Store on March 24, with a demo available now. Take your razor and put on your best jacket, you will need it.

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