Are you a speed lover? Do you like motorcycles? Do you miss a single race of the motorcycle world championship? You are lucky! Because thanks to LOS40 and imagine with your LOS40 MyCard you will be able to experience the Motorcycle World Championship first hand.

With our team, Pons Wegow LOS40 in Moto 2, we invite you to see firsthand what happens in the paddock (behind the scenes of the automotive world). It’s where drivers, mechanics, engineers and the media gather during the race weekend. You will be able to see with your own eyes what a pilot sees before leaving. A real madness!

For you to live it in your own flesh from April 28 to 30 at the Circuito de Jerez, LOS40 and imagine with the LOS40 MyCard we invite you to access the Paddock. A very VIP experience that is only accessible to very few people. Of course, hurry because we only have two double entrances!

If you are a user of the LOS40 MyCard (or one of the imagin variants) and would like to obtain one of the two double Paddock passes that we offer, all you have to do is fill in the following form and to answer the question that appears: What do you like the most in the motorcycle world championship? The most original answers will be the winners. Hurry up because you have until April 13 to participate. You can consult the legal bases here.

You don’t have the card yet? Don’t worry! You can request it now from the Imagin app, via the following link then participate in the draw.

About the paddock

Access to the Paddock is a unique experience within the reach of very few. That’s why we want you to enjoy it to the fullest on the day of your choice (April 28-30) in Jérez with whoever you want.

Winners or winners will be able to step into the LOS40 team motorhome and feel like one more member. There will be catering and multiple screens to follow minute by minute training, qualifying results and of course races.

Who knows, you might come across Aron Canet, one of the most famous riders in the Moto 2 World Championship. Or Sergio García Dols, one of the favorite riders of the season.

Sober LOS40 MyCard and image*

The LOS40 MyCard credit card gives you the opportunity to access ticket raffles; VIP pass for Meet&Greets; BackStage Tours and soundchecks with your favorite artists… In addition, it is a 100% recyclable card with which you will have all your travels under control and you will comfortably manage your purchases.

For more information, click here or download the Imagin app.

* imagin, trademark of imaginesGen, SA, agent of CaixaBank, SA. CaixaBank, SA, sells products of the Hybrid Payment Entity CAIXABANK PAYMENTS & CONSUMER, EFC, EP, SAU, hereinafter CPC, with CIF A-08980153 and registered in the Official Register of the Bank of Spain with the code 8776 and entity offered by the MyCard LOS40 credit card. The funds protection system for customers who use the payment services chosen by CPC is the deposit in a separate account opened at CaixaBank, SA The granting of the credit card is subject to the analysis of solvency and repayment capacity of the applicant, depending on the risk policies of the CPC Entity.

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