Lasergle will introduce a new evocation blade item to Fate/Grand Order (FGO) which will allow players to get event-exclusive minions that they might have missed. You will be able to collect Evocation Leaves during limited Evocation Celebration events. The first of these Evocation Celebration events is currently taking place on the Japanese server, from April 2 to April 16, 2023.

The first three servants to appear in Da Vinci’s Workshop are Sakata Kintoki (Rider), Shuten-Douji (Thrower), and Quetzalcoatl Santa (Ruler). Other servants will later appear in Da Vinci’s workshop. Also, there is no time limit to get them. Even after this Evocation Celebration ends, they will still be in the shop, along with their Ascension Materials and Servant Parts. You can get Evocation Leaves as a login bonus and as a prize for completing master quests.

Some limited-time events in FGO offer free SR minions that you can keep for as long as you complete the story. While events are sometimes rerun to allow players who missed the original race to try again, many events are too old to be rerun. Sakata Kintoki’s Rider form, for example, was released during the Onigashima event. Onigashima debuted in 2016, so he’s too old at this point to revive.

FGO is available on mobile devices. The Evocation Blade, along with the ability to purchase minions from past events, is currently only available on the Japanese Fate/Grand Order server.

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