• The campaign has been created by the French agency LaFourmi
  • The model became very popular in the United States and Japan in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Puma has brought together a group of twelve famous people for the relaunch campaign of its Slipstream model , a basketball shoe that became an icon of urban fashion in the United States and Japan in the late 1980s and early 1980s. the 90s. The campaign is entitled “ Welcome unbored” (“Welcome the not boring” has already been created by the French agency LaFourmi.

The campaign, according to the agency in a statement, “launches the historical model reinvented but with the same silhouette that has identified it all these decades. Slipstream conquered American and Japanese youth at different times and now the brand wants to make it a category leader and conquer sneaker heads from all over the planet. Kids born after 2000 who have grown up with sneaker culture and look up to the icons of the past.”

To captivate them, the brand has a wide and cosmopolitan group of celebrities in its campaign, including athletes, artists and influencers. Among them are soccer players Neymar Jr., Memphis Depay and Romeo Beckham , NBA player LaMelo Ball , influencers Pamela Reif and Just Riadh , and singer Danna Paola.

A “retrofuturistic” space trip

All of them appear in a spot directed by Frédéric de Pontcharra and that the agency describes as “retrofuturist”. The 96-second piece narrates a trip on a spaceship whose passengers are made up of all the celebrities who participate in the campaign and in which, logically, the Slipstreams share the limelight.
The spot is full of holograms, floating screens and other digital imagery and is inspired, according to LaFourmi’s statement, by such popular films as “The Fifth Element”, “Star Trek” and “MIB”.

The idea on which the campaign is based is, according to the agency, that “this generation moves faster than the society in which they live. Instead of waiting for the change, they are going to bring it about themselves somewhere else, on a new planet. Like some Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos post 2000, with determination, without rules.

Jordane Rabute, Director of Strategy at LaFourmi, says that Puma asked them for a campaign that would appeal to sneakerheads, or “sneaker heads” born after the year 2000. “It’s a very demanding target,” says Rabute, “which in general is not very sensitive to advertising because they are overexposed
to it ” .  many times it goes faster than society. And then there was the word, “Slipstream” [“stela” in Spanish], the current of air left by objects that move at high speed, such as Formula 1 cars or space rockets.”

The campaign is broadcast on digital channels, social networks and outdoor advertising. In the latter case, media such as giant banners, subway advertising and digital panels will be used, and the campaign can be seen in Paris, London, Madrid, Berlin, Milan, Amsterdam and Stockholm.

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