Which console is the best in the world? Is the console war really worth anything? The AI ​​that is on everyone’s lips gives its answer to these questions

The console world is amazing and it would be absurd to deny that it brings with it some truly wonderful things. But of course, not everything is always good, and that is it also carries something negative. Maybe bad things about video games, that’s the least negative part, and that’s console wars and how some users argue that the PlayStation is better than the Xbox Series or that the Nintendo Switch is the one that really rules.

This creates many debates that often degenerate to the point that hateful messages can even be seen on social networks in order to defend this or that console. Well, in order to end the so-called console wars, I wanted to ask him myself to ChatGPT what do you think of

What is ChatGPT?

Before I talk about ChatGPT’s answer, I’ll tell you what it is, for those who don’t know. In short, it is a chat in which you talk with an artificial intelligence on the Internet and it has proven to be absolutely amazing and very useful in many areas. You can pretty much talk to this AI about anything you want. But it is designed to help, do not give a personal opinion, something to keep in mind in this post.

What does ChatGPT think of the console war?

The first thing I asked ChatGPT is What do you think of the console wars? He replied that it was not designed to give an opinion, but he did explain some things about the console wars. He says that these user discussions about the best console are usually fun but which often lead to “negative behaviors such as bullying or trolling.” He concludes by saying that The most important is “enjoying video games and respecting the preferences of others“.

And is the PS5, Xbox Series or Nintendo Switch better?

Then I asked him what which console is the best And as expected, he didn’t get wet in any options, but he answered something I couldn’t agree with more:

  • No option is objectively better than another and only your own preferences will influence
  • In case you are very interested in playing wherever you want and, of course, the exclusives of nintendo, Nintendo Switch is the best option
  • On the other hand, he specifies that “if you’re looking for the best graphics quality and processing power, then the PS5 and Xbox Series X may be a better option”
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In short, ChatGPT applied this point of realism that many of us often lack. What if the PS5 or Xbox Series had more power than the Nintendo Switch? Or who cares if some of the best games ever loved Zelda: Breath of the Wild is only available in Nintendo? What matters is not fighting over something stupid like seeing which console is better, but realizing that any option is good for those who can take advantage of it. But if, I agree that some console war talk is fun.

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