As usual every year, it’s one thing to see what’s new from a manufacturer at trade shows like the Consumer Electronics Show, and quite another to be able to take advantage of those products in the local market. And although at CES 2023 in Las Vegas earlier this year Samsung talked about its new MicroLED TVs or the luxurious Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 gaming monitor, its long-awaited new line of TVs has finally reached Spanish sellers, whose models end with ‘C’ to indicate the 2023 vintage.

The presentation was moderated by Dave Das, the new president of Samsung Iberia Consumer Electronics, and by Nacho Monge, head of the division in Spain. The first spoke of the manufacturer’s general strategy to make the user experience more relaxing in the face of technological stress, simplifying the interfaces of the Internet of Things, easily connecting all devices to the television as the nerve center or recalling its particular commitment to the environment. .

Monge for his part recalled that Samsung has been the national market leader for 17 consecutive years (nearly 40% of the OLED fleet), and warns that the new range is “the most premium to date”.

In the new models with 8K resolution, Samsung has worked with its partners to alleviate users’ biggest concern: finding 4320p content. For this reason, videos uploaded to YouTube in this standard will appear highlighted on the home screen. Similarly, high-end TVs are also capable of playing and displaying NFT-related works in 8K. Gamers, on the other hand, can power these displays with 8K graphics at 144Hz, naturally as long as they have state-of-the-art GPUs.


However, power isn’t just a matter of hardware, as Samsung, like other manufacturers, relies on upscaling algorithms and AI to achieve upscaled sources that do not reach 4K or 8K. Here they include “automatic HDR remastering for AI upscaling of content including SDR”, all powered with the new 2023 quantum neural processors (“now with 64 neural networks”).

As for the products themselves, the 2023 selection comes in two series of three sizes. Failing to go through the Gamereactor test bench, Samsung ensures that the blacks are even deeper thanks to autoluminescence and also boasts of having the first OLED HDR television whose color palette is certified by Pantone for greater loyalty. Namely, the top line S95C comes with an Infinity design, while the top line S90C uses the Laserslim design, both in variations of 55, 65 and 77 inches:

Neo QLED 8K 2023 models – recommended price

  • QN900C From €5,799 (65″)
  • QN800C From €4,199 (65″)
  • QN700C From €2,899 (55″)


Samsung Neo QLED 4K 2023 models – recommended price

  • QN95C From €2,799 (55″)
  • QN90C From €1,699 (43″)
  • QN85C From €1,899 (55″)

Samsung OLED 2023 models – recommended price

  • S95C From €2,699 (55″)
  • S90C From €2,399 (55″)

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