Despite all the stock issues Sony’s latest console has had, sales are still outpacing the PS4

Well yes, about two and a half years have passed since the release of the PS5, which many will surely find hard to believe because getting one has been mission impossible from the start. Fortunately, at the end of last year, the stock began to be solved, and today it is very easy to get one. Even so, sales of the console have been absolutely insane, and it’s aiming to become one of the best-selling consoles in history.

On its own, the PS4 itself was already a best-selling console, reaching one of the highest spots on the list of best-selling consoles. Thinking that the PS5 will outperform it is a little complicated, because it’s worth more than the cost of the PS4 at launch, and they even hiked the price. Even so, the statistics are there to reverse this thought and to clarify that this console is clearly a success.

PS5 improves PS4 sales

From its launch, sales of the PS4 have been a success, but those of the PS5 have nothing to envy to those of its predecessor. I leave you with a very interesting fact shared by Benji Sales In Twitter. It should be mentioned that the following data They only refer to the United States. although they tend to clearly reflect the rest of the world figures:

  • Turns out the PS5 had yet to outsell the PS4 in those first twenty months that the console sony is available
  • but now what It’s been 29 months now finally and thanks to the stock, The PS5 has exceeded in sales the figure reached by the PS4 at the same time
  • This is something of great merit since the console suffered major stock problems which slowed its sales for two years
  • The sales that the PlayStation 5 made during this first quarter of 2023 They were amazing at least in the United States

Do you already have your PS5 or not yet? Admittedly, it’s still a little pricey, although it’s only a matter of time before they release more packs that you might like. If so, we will let you know immediately!

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