Disney Speedstorm, Gameloft’s new combat racing game is now available in early access thanks to its many diverse Founder’s Packs. With him came many runners for his premiere. In total we have a team with 18 different characters and four classes, although it will expand over time.

Of these 18, five can be obtained from the start with one of the Founder’s Packs. In addition, a starter can be unlocked between Baloo, Bestia, Bella, Elizabeth Swann, Mowgli or Li Shan. The rest can be obtained by playing and through in-game content boxes.

With all of this in mind, today at MARCA Gaming we wanted to bring you a recap of all the drivers that have been tested in previous betas and/or that we have already had access to through the game.

All Racer Types in Disney Speedstorm

Before we start, it’s true. It is important to differentiate between the different types of brokers that exist. At the end of the day, the class offers us a small summary of what it will be capable of and its specialties. We can differentiate between:

Fast: drivers who like to run fast. Very quickly. Their abilities focus on speed and they get higher speed boosts on road speedpads.

acrobats: This type of driver is designed to use attack skills that disrupt the driving of their opponents. Their skills are usually offensive type and they get higher speed boosts when drifting.

Ball: Highly attacking runners who prefer to set up aggressive runs. Their abilities tend to be offensive-type, and they gain additional speed boosts by stunning other pilots. In addition, they can crash at the start of the race.

Defender: Characters with a more “passive” profile who excel at protecting themselves from other runners. They get additional speed boosts by staying behind their opponents, making them good hunters. His abilities are usually defensive.

All Disney Speedstorm Racers: The Starting Five

Runners that are unlocked from the start and that we can access as soon as we start our adventures in Disney Speedstorm.


The guy who went from “zero to hero” is a rider who stands out for both his top speed and acceleration at level one, so his progress should improve those two values ​​above the others. However, he appears to be a bit more complex racer from the start due to his reduced level of maneuverability. His fighter concept gives us the intuition that at higher levels he will get better stats in battle.

Jack Sparrow


Today may be the day we catch Captain Jack Sparrow. That’s what this game is about, isn’t it? Chase and pass. Either way, Captain Jack Sparrow stands out as a balanced character at his low levels. As an acrobat, he likes to annoy his rivals, so his skills are focused on that.

mickey mouse


Character that comes out of nowhere and stands out to novice players thanks to its high level of maneuverability. It has quite an interesting turbo and a high degree of acceleration, but its top speed and combat ability are somewhat lower.



Acrobat-type racer who stands out by intervening on the course and leading her rivals. Its level of maneuverability is also quite high, so it is well suited for novices. In fact, it’s a fairly common dynamic among early Disney Speedstorm racers.

Pato Donald


Aside from being one of our favorites, the concept of pelen fits Donald Duck’s personality perfectly. We love it and the truth is that riding it is great fun. Its own tastes aside, it has a good level of handling, acceleration and turbo. The logic would be that he progresses in battle by leveling up.

All Disney Speedstorm Drivers: Season One Unlocks



Bella defines herself as a “fast” type runner, so one of her main characteristics is her ability to accelerate in a short time. However, her top speed and her turbo are not so high, which is why she stands out as a particularly interesting racer on circuits that have to accelerate and decelerate a lot repeatedly. At least at level one. Remember that each character can go up to level five. Its high level of maneuverability makes it very interesting for less experienced players.

Mike Wazowski


Mike is a character who mostly excels in acceleration and maneuverability, a fairly common trait among most fast class characters. He’s bad in combat and his top speed isn’t too high, but he has a good boost.



As a fast class character, Mowgliw excels in acceleration, though his top speed isn’t that high. Both in the cornering and in the handling, it manages to highlight something else, so it’s pretty balanced… if we leave combat out of the equation.



Beast is a racer with a fairly high top speed from level 1, although he doesn’t have as much acceleration, maneuverability, or combat. In the turbo it’s not bad either, but where it stands out (and a lot) is in the speed. Something curious if we take into account that it is a fighting type, and not fast, but let’s remember that the class is more skill-based than stat-based in many cases .



Sulley is one of the characters we weren’t able to test during the beta and haven’t yet been able to experience in Disney Speedstorm. However, I know we can tell you that he is a fighter class racer.

Celia Mae


Celia Mae is another runner that we unfortunately haven’t been able to test in-game yet. She’s a defensive type, so we understand that she’s a defensive character.

Elizabeth Swann


Elizabeth is another fairly balanced character, although within the cast of Defenders she is one of those with the highest (base) stats in almost every area. The maximum speed is somewhat lacking, it is its Achilles heel, but it has good values ​​​​in the rest of the parameters. Of course, this is not fully apparent from any of them.


Goofy is the third racer we were unable to test in Disney Speedstorm. We can tell you (is that a thing of his past in Kingdom Hearts?) that he’s a defender-type character, so he specializes in dodging and shielding enemy abilities.

Li Shang


In the list of fast-type and balanced-type runners, Li Shang is one of the ones with the highest values… with the exception of turbo. This is his lower value stat, so he doesn’t benefit as much from speed boosts. Otherwise, he does not stand out, but he defends himself well.



Baloo is a runner with a fairly high top speed, which is quite unique considering he’s a defender. It defends itself in turbo and combat, but in the rest of the areas it is much weaker. For the rest, this joy of living promises to be a ball.



Another character that, unfortunately, we haven’t been able to get our hands on yet. He’s an acrobat type, but we have no idea what he’s capable of or what his characteristics are. From his description, he will specialize in harassing other racers.



The last character that we haven’t had the opportunity to test yet. He is also the acrobat type, and it is true that it suits him very well. As such, he is a runner who will take advantage of his abilities to annoy other characters. We don’t know what his stats are at the moment.



Meg is a fairly balanced stat runner who doesn’t stand out excessively in any aspect. As an acrobat, he specializes in annoying other runners, but the truth is that from the start he attracts less attention by not standing out in any specific area. We’ll have to see how he progresses in his next levels.

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