The service was on a streak where it had lost a few subscribers, and now it’s up from the past few months.

Yesterday morning, sony shared some financial data on PlayStation compared to the first quarter of the year 2023, which is the last quarter of the financial year. This is very useful data to know how the company has behaved in recent months, and it turns out that they did very well be the best quarter in the history of sales of a PlayStation console. Indeed, the PS5 has sold out a veritable barbarity of units now that there’s already stock, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to stop. And, as you can read in the title, They also shared data on PS Plus.

In these financial reports, they always give the number of PS Plus subscribers, which can be compared to known numbers from previous reports to see if they have increased or decreased. But it is even more interesting to compare it with figures from a year ago, So let’s see if the PlayStation service did as well as the console.

The number of PS Plus subscribers increases in the first quarter of 2023

As I said, the financial data provided data the number of current subscribers, who is the next :

  • Currently, there are 47.4 million PS Plus subscribers
  • This is a very good number, since It is up from subscribers last December. So they came from 46.4 million, For what raised a million subscribers
  • this great climb This is surely due to the large number of PS5s sold. This results in a lot of new players, so many of them will have decided to subscribe
  • And the PS5 will continue to sell big, so it’s almost certain that the number increases
  • If we compare with the number of subscribers from only 1 year ago, i.e. in the first quarter of 2022, curiously there were also 47.4 million

PS Plus is still not with the highest number of subscribers in its history, since in the last quarter of 2021, there were 48 million. However, we expect that this number will soon be exceeded. You can see the aforementioned data from previous financial reports at this link.

Will PS Plus subscribers continue to grow?

GOOD most likely so, since there are finally a lot of PS5s in stock and it is very easy to get hold of them, which causes It is selling at an incredible rate. And indeed, as the number of users who have this console at home increases, PS Plus subscribers will also increase. It is possible that in future financial reports we may see some of the best numbers in PlayStation history.

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