We’ve compiled the 3 titles that play the most among the PlayStation fan community with the aim of finding out which games will give

Well, we are already close to the end of April and we are entering a month of May that I am looking forward to. For the beach, more than anything. But now we are not going to talk about sand and sea, but we are going to focus on games that will give with PS Plus. No, they haven’t announced them yet, but they will soon and the community has already talked about what the games could give. Let’s take a look at the most popular titles of all.

The 3 Most Talked About Games On The Internet For PS Plus In May


FIFA 23 would be a very good option not only because it would be very downloaded, but also because just in May last year they released FIFA 22. So who knows? Well, the thing is, there’s a lot of discussion in the community for this reason, and it certainly wouldn’t be crazy.


Yeah, Sifu It’s a game that gets repeated a lot, and that’s because month after month, people are convinced that they will give it. The previous title of the study, Absolve, was given with service many years ago, both trusted and they will give it too.

Alan Wake Remastered

The third game that I saw repeated the most was the great Alan Wake Remastered, a title that It didn’t disappoint anyone. It would definitely be a great option, and I hope the fact that it’s talked about a lot on the internet means something.

There is already a confirmed game

Well yes it turns out there is already a confirmed game which will arrive on PlayStation Plus in May 2023. It was by Twitter where PlayStation confirmed that this previously announced game will be coming to PS Plus:

  • It’s a game called Humanity, of which I leave you more information below
  • Coming to PS Plus May 16, which is only the launch of the game, so it will be in service from day 1
  • Will be available only for PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium subscribers
  • Although this game has already been confirmed, they will confirm the rest of the titles coming to the service in May later

Our predictions

Of course, in Zonejugones we also did our own predictions what they might find with PS Plus in April. I leave them below:

Date and time of announcement

  • The games always are announced on the last Wednesday of the previous month
  • In other words, the PS Plus Essential games of May will be unveiled on Wednesday April 26 To 5:30 p.m. CET
  • Games will be available the first Tuesday of the month
  • In other words, the October games They will be available for download on Tuesday, May 2. almost a week after the announcement
  • If you want to know the announcement instantly, pay attention to the official Twitter account of the service

More info on PS Plus

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